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May 22, 2015

Brian Harman


Q.  Hit out of the rough to setup that birdie.  And it was kind of a good day hitting irons all day for you, wasn't it?
BRIAN HARMAN:  Yeah.  I hung in there.  Didn't feel great early.  Obviously the rain was absolutely dumping when we started, so that had me a little rattled, but I was able to settle down.  Birdied my first hole, which is the tenth hole and got off to a good start and went back and forth and finished well, which is always nice.

Q.  Iron play, has it been good this week?  Seems like every time I see you you're hitting a good iron shot.
BRIAN HARMAN:  Well, yeah, I've controlled them pretty well.  I've driven it decently well.  I've made a couple of putts.  I just resistant really made a ton of mistakes.  I made a couple here and there and I'm going to go to the range and try and tighten up a little bit, but I'm excited for the weekend.

Q.  And your putting seems to be good.  Of course you're always fiddling with that, but I think this week you're rolling in some birdies.
BRIAN HARMAN:  Yeah.  Just kind of gotten back to the fundamentals.  I went and saw Mike Taylor a couple of weeks ago.  He's a guy on St. Simons and he coaches a few guys out here and he really helped me out and it's been good the last few weeks.

Q.  How would you talk about the conditions of the course right now?  As you mentioned, the rain was really coming down earlier.  The course has dried out now, but how is the course playing?
BRIAN HARMAN:¬† Yeah, it's wet.¬† I mean obviously, I think they're ahead of where they were this time last year, so the golf course is wet.¬† There's water on the golf ball.¬† We're playing it up from the fairways, but the rough has just been brutal, and that's been kind of the‑‑ I think that's why the scores aren't quite as low as you would normally see on this golf course.¬† If you get out of the fairways, it's really tough.
I got lucky a couple of times today and drew some good lies and was able to either make birdies or save pars.

Q.  Only four back now heading into the third round, and who knows what's going to happen with the weather, but only four back you're in a good spot.
BRIAN HARMAN:  Yeah, this is where you try and get yourself in contention going into the weekend.

Q.  Thanks.

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