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May 22, 2015

Marc Leishman


Q.  Marc, that had to be a grind out there with the weather.  Mentally that's tough, isn't it?
MARC LEISHMAN:  Yeah, it was a bit of a grind.  It was probably a little bit better than what the forecast said earlier in the week anyway.
Yeah, you know, when it's jacket on, jacket off, rain starting and stopping, it makes it difficult, but we all had to deal with it, so just try to do your best.

Q.  You're in great shape now at 5‑under.  You have to be very pleased, especially with the forecast kind of up in the air the rest of the day.
MARC LEISHMAN:  Yeah.  Really happy.  You know, I hit a few‑‑ made a few mistakes today, and you know, had a few birdies to make up for that.  So 1‑under I was pretty happy with that.  Obviously you always like to have a few better.  But I was happy with shooting in the 60s again and put me in a good spot for the weekend.

Q.  Your game is good.  I know at Match Play you played well.  I talked to you at THE PLAYERS.  You have to be pleased.  Things seem to be coming together right now for you.
MARC LEISHMAN:  Yeah.  You know, feeling good.  Earlier in the year I was feeling good, but the results were pretty terrible, so it's nice to be feeling good and feel like the game's in a good place and actually getting a few decent results.  Still haven't had any awesome results, but hopefully I'll change that in the next couple of weeks.

Q.  Mark McCumber, our analyst this week is always talking about when things are good at home, things are usually good at the golf course.  I know Audrey is healthy now.  We were really praying for her and that's gotta be a good feeling for you because everything now is good life?
MARC LEISHMAN:  Yeah.  She is.  She's on the road to recovery, which is good.  Obviously there for a while it wasn't so good.  But that really just makes you appreciate your health and just being out here and playing golf, playing the game you love.  So it's just good to be back out and enjoying my golf.

Q.  So what do you do with the rest of the day, Marc?  Now with the rain kind of there, you can't really practice much, can you?
MARC LEISHMAN:  Oh, I won't do any practice.  Let's see what happens.  Might go see a movie.  Haven't seen "Taken 3" yet, so might go and see that.  Pretty easy, really.  Might go have coffee somewhere, probably early dinner, early to bed, try and catch up on my sleep for when Audrey and the boys get into town for the next couple of weeks.  So just rest up.

Q.  That'll be great.  Good news all the way around.  Great playing, bud.
MARC LEISHMAN:  No worries.  Thanks a lot.

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