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May 22, 2015

Brandt Snedeker


Q.  Well, we just finished and it started raining on the last green, but it's really coming down now.
BRANDT SNEDEKER:  Yeah.  I don't see‑‑ we got lucky kind of this morning.  Had pretty good conditions, a little windy, but never really rained that hard on the last couple of holes and now it's dumping down.  So hopefully quick shower and doesn't affect play this afternoon.

Q.  3‑under, 1‑under.  Which round was a little bit better?
BRANDT SNEDEKER:  Today was a little bit better because I saved a lot of shots today.  I hit it great yesterday and made a few key shots yesterday and today I kind of scraped it around.  I knew I was going to have a round like this, made a couple of changes in the week I had off, and feel great on the range.  Just not quite comfortable on the golf course yet.  And gotta survive when your day is not quite right.

Q.  I gotta ask you, when you're in the fairway here and you're on the wrong side, you gotta curve shots.  Okay.  You got ball in hand, you can place it.  You can even move it a club length.  But you can't curve it out of this grass right now.
BRANDT SNEDEKER:  No, all the moisture in the air, the moisture on the ball, it's really tough to get the ball to turn over or caught or do whatever you need to do.  So you really need to drive it great, and I struggled with that today, and it kind of caught up with me.  Didn't allow me to go low.  Greens were soft, they were rolling perfect this morning.  So hopefully tomorrow I get to go on the fairway a little bit more, be a little bit more aggressive.

Q.  Great playing.  I haven't yelled at a guy in an interview because the rain is coming down so hard.  Go out there and have some fun.  You're happy to be done.
BRANDT SNEDEKER:  I am.  Appreciate it.

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