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May 22, 2015

Brian Henninger


Q. Talk about the round.
BRIAN HENNINGER: Really, the benefited with the weather for sure. The front nine was relatively windy. I know the guys in the morning kind of battled. On the back nine it got really calm and I was swinging really good. And I putted well the first two days. So I thought if I could get some kind of calm conditions and start firing -- you know the pin locations were a little bit easier today, too, actually. But playing in no wind, coming down the back nine and feeling good. This time of the day, the old guys, the body feels good about now. And I just hit the ball beautifully and putted well, so I did a lot of good things.

Q. You got your self in a great position.
BRIAN HENNINGER: Yeah, I was surprised, I didn't see those kind of numbers out there. And I saw that Tom Lehman was playing good, Colin played good, there was a couple other good scores. So you could get it today, a little bit.

Q. Were you supposed to work TV this week or how is your --
BRIAN HENNINGER: The Golf Channel? Yeah, a little bit. Just little bites at night during the live Golf Central.

Q. Does this change anything?
BRIAN HENNINGER: I don't know. No, I don't think so. No, I enjoy it.

Q. If you're reporting on yourself tomorrow, you know.
BRIAN HENNINGER: Yeah, maybe. I know, it was kind of funny, because I guess on Sunday they do a little instructional piece for the winner and I'm thinking, wouldn't it be fun to just kind of talk about myself and say, "Hey, Brian, what would you do here?"

Q. Six birdies today. Any holes in particular that stood out?
BRIAN HENNINGER: No, there was one instrumental play though, I was hitting the ball really solid and on the long par-4, I guess it's 15? I hit a really good drive I was just driving it so well, piping it out there. And I came out of a 7-iron a little bit and left myself an, I don't know about 10 yard chip and I made that and that kind of propelled me a little bit. I missed a little one on 16. And then hit a good shot in the middle of the green on 17. And then hit it a foot on 18, so.

Q. What, I mean is, you got to feel really good, you're swinging well, talk about the weekend and the expectations now, how they may be change a little bit.
BRIAN HENNINGER: It's been a long road for me. I had two surgeries last year. In fact, last year at Harbor Shores I tore a tendon off my elbow and had to see Jim Andrews. So that ended the season. But right before that I was recovering from a knee surgery. So, this could be really meaningful. It's just fun to be back in the hunt. It's fun to see my name up there. Yesterday I kind of fell apart on that one hole. Playing good, but the cameras were on me again and that's been awhile. So it's been a long, arduous grind to get in these situations. But I'm super competitive.

Q. You say it's different when the cameras are on you and not -- you know what I mean?
BRIAN HENNINGER: Yeah, and it's learning again. It's them being in the fairway, you're cognizant and aware that you're on national television, and you got all this support back home and they're rooting for me. So you have this conflict of, yeah, I want them there, but at the same time I'm recognizing them, which is a conscious effort kind of thing and you try to play in the subconscious as much as we can. But, no, I don't really have any expectations, just fun to be back in it and see if I can just challenge myself to stay present. That's all we can do out here. And this is going to be a tough task. But if the pins stay kind of similar to what they were today, where they're kind of favorable a little bit, you can get to these holes. If you're on your game, you can do it.
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