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May 22, 2015

Peter Fowler


t was nice that it was warm today. I'm much better or most of us are better in the warm weather. So that was more pleasant. I think the pin positions were probably a little bit easier today. But you still got to hit it in the right place, I guess. But I just adjusted how I hit, which club I hit off the tee, tried to hit more fairways, because you get down there in the rough and down the banks, it's, it was too difficult hitting it to the tiny green. So I backed off a little bit and it helped.

Q. Do you think there was some birdies out there to be had?
PETER FOWLER: Well, the wind was less and it was warmer, so the ball goes further, we're hitting it probably a normal distance or maybe even a little bit further in the warm weather. So that kind of helps the tee shots go a bit further. And so therefore I was only hitting, I only hit a 3-wood, 5-wood off the tee a few times. So that sort of helped me get it in play. Obviously, the irons were going probably a good club further than yesterday.

Q. Puts you right back in contention.
PETER FOWLER: Yeah, that was nice. This is a big tournament for us, for the internationals, we don't get to play for a lot of money, so this is a big week for us and it's great fun to be here, too. We're sort of privileged to get the invite from the PGA of America to play. So, coming from European Australia, it's a big plus for us.

Q. So what do you think about the course? Obviously you've seen it a couple rounds now and you were able to get seven birdies, that's pretty impressive on this course.
PETER FOWLER: It, I think with all golf courses, like if all of us in our era, we started playing the old traditional courses. And especially in Australia and in Europe. But the last 20 years there have been so many golf courses built, the new, they're a different type for us, especially if there's no run. It makes it really long. And this is really hilly, too. So, the difficult walking courses, but it takes you awhile to get used to it. I grew up on tree lined courses, so wide expanses, you know, they're not my favorite. I like them a little bit wide, but I like the trees. So these are difficult. But, yeah, just takes you awhile to work them out.
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