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May 22, 2015

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Can you talk about today's round?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: What can I say about today's round? We got fortunate with the weather this afternoon. The wind, as we said, has slightly died from this morning. Which has helped us. More like the weather that we were anticipating at the start of the week. 75 degrees. Golf course is playing great. You got to hit the fairways. I played with Tom Lehman today, who was exceptional, 67. I did okay, 69. So we stood in there battling around, I'm going to play with him tomorrow, probably in the last group, and I look forward to doing that. And all in all, so far, so far, so good.

Q. Is that what you need to do around here is just battle and keep plugging away?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, mentally, you got to be very, very careful here. Mentally, you got to be right on your game. If you, there's no hole that you can ease up on. Normally in a round of golf you got a couple of holes where you're like, oh, okay, I can make an easy par here. There's nothing here like that. Every hole is a potential double bogey. So you got to be very careful.

Q. What's the difference, biggest difference today from yesterday out there?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The weather. The weather. I think it was like 45 degrees when we teed off yesterday morning. Now it's 75. That's a 30 degree difference. It's a huge difference. The ball compresses more, it flies further, everything tends to work better. The shafts perform better, everything works better when it's slightly warmer. They're all tested at 75 degrees, here's us trying to play in 45. They should have cancelled it.

Q. It's always nice to end around with a birdie, but going into the weekend, now nice is it to finish that way?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Oh, sure. I made a mistake at 6. I birdied the 5th, I made a mistake at 6, gave it back. And then I got two birdies coming in, which were good, 7 and 9. 7th hole, I hit a great 6-iron in there to two foot. And then the last hole it's always good to birdie, as you say. Two good wood shots in there and a good last putt. You still got to hole it. They're all missable, believe me. But at the same time, in the position that I wanted to be in. In contention going into the weekend. That's all I'm trying to do.
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