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May 22, 2015

Jerry Haas


Q. Well, we were pulling for you. Could you talk about that three hole stretch.
JERRY HAAS: I just made a beautiful putt on number 5 there for birdie and just had 3-under for the day, playing beautifully. And I played way better than yesterday. Crazy game. Then I had 128 yards to the middle of the fairway and hit it on the green and 3-putted No. 6. Missed about a 4-footer. Bad 3-putt. Then the next hole, I thought the wind was going more to the right, I hit a beautiful 6-iron kind of left fringe and it just stayed there. I hit a nice chip to about four feet. Missed that. So, that was my third kind of short miss of the week or the day. But it was like, okay, let's hit a good drive, and I thought I hit a good drive, it was just in the right rough. And I didn't quite get it out of the rough and hit it in that front bunker. If I knew I was going to make seven, I probably would have played it a little different. But I took pitching wedge out and I'm usually pretty good at that, at kind of scooting it back there, and I hit it too hard and it went trickling past and went over. Then I tried to bump it in. It came back to me. Then I putted, it barely stayed up and then I missed there. So just like that I went bogey, bogey, triple and lost five shots. And then I made a good putt on the last hole for par. I probably should have went more to the fairway, so I could have controlled my third. I thought I hit a nice third shot on my pitch, but it rolled over the green. But I think that in a nutshell kind of shows you about this course. You see why guys, I know Olin Browne made a nine on the par-3 the other day. You get in the wrong spots and you don't take your medicine, that's what happens. I was probably thinking that, I'm pretty good at this shot, I can get it back there maybe 10 feet and maybe save par and birdie the last and it wouldn't be such a bad finish. But I played really well. I birdied the 10th hole right out of the gate. Tough downhill. I missed a makeable par putt on 13. Made a good save on 14. Birdied 15. Birdied 18. Birdied 1. Rolling nice. And then 2 I kind of missed it below the slope, 25 feet and putted it by about five or six foot and missed it coming back. So, if I could have three short putts over again, that might have -- I don't think I would have made seven if I would have made the two par putts on 6 and 7. Very makeable, not very difficult. But I'm 3-over, Top-20 it's looking like. For a guy that is a golf coach and I'm enjoying being out here I'm enjoying playing. I know I'll get a lot of stick from the guys about making seven there, because I get on them about making triples and doubles and stuff. So, but anyway, if I keep playing this well, it's supposed to be a nice weekend, supposed to be 75, 80 degrees, I should have a decent tee time tomorrow, a little later, which I prefer, and I'm proud to represent Wake Forest and I'm proud to, I got a lot of texts from the guys last night and I know that they will be wanting to know what the heck happened today.

Q. You know that this golf course probably that no lead is really safe on this golf course, you got to really manage yourself really well around here.
JERRY HAAS: Right, you do. The greens, some of the shots you're hitting a long shot into some very small targets. And if you get one shot that kicks off on a crazy spot, boy, you don't hit that chip hard enough, it's back to you. Then you hit the next one, you really have to keep it -- the 14th hole up the hill, if you're out of the rough or cross wind and that green sits in there at a funny angle it's hard to hit that green, it goes over. I got up-and-down from there. That was a good up-and-down. Next hole, luckily it played downwind, 15, today, but I played 15 into the wind the practice round and hit a 3-wood short. So, next hole, the par-5, I made a nice up-and-down out of the bunker. But 16 green, 17 green, and 18 green are pretty flat. So you'll, I think as the week goes, you'll see some great excitement at the end down there on those last few. Great crowds again today. I saw them leaving in the bus loads and people lining up. And great amphitheater on 18. I made long putt there and Billy Andrade and I had a little fun. He had the same putt right in front of me and he just missed, so. But, yeah, all in all, crazy as it might sound, I think I can shoot a couple good rounds over the weekend. But I'm in pretty good shape and these guys will be getting tired and there will be some guys that -- you can play well and actually shoot a bad score here. That's the crazy thing. If you -- you're better off hitting a wild drive and it ends up okay. Sometimes if you just miss it, it's worse.
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