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May 22, 2015

Woody Austin


Q. How was it different today and not so much for you guys, maybe the guys that teed off yesterday morning, but how was the golf course different today?
WOODY AUSTIN: Just really windy. It's still wet, so it's not really different as far as, even though there's some sunshine. But it was 47 degrees this morning, so it wasn't like pleasant. But it was just really windy today.

Q. How is it when you got a new variable thrown in there. You got more wind than yesterday.
WOODY AUSTIN: Well, there's so many variables to this golf course to begin with, so that just adds another one. It's a battle on this place, because you can hit some really good shots and get screwed over pretty good.

Q. There's not many people winning the battle, but you're one of the ones at even or better.
WOODY AUSTIN: Well, I had a battle with the yips today, too. So it could have been a lot better. It could have been a lot better. I missed three under three feet today. So I got to really kind of shore that up, because that's a very bad thing to do. But I've hit a lot of good shots in two days. I didn't hit it as good today as I did yesterday, so my short game helped me. But I can't keep missing those putts. Because on a golf course like this, you need to take advantage and I should be taking advantage and I'm throwing it away. But if you would have told me even par after two rounds, that's good. I mean this place is pretty crazy.

Q. Were you thinking even would be near the lead?
WOODY AUSTIN: Yeah, there's just so many -- there's just so many variables out there as far as this golf course is concerned. As I said, I've played the 9th hole from the tee to the green as good as I could play it for two days and I can't even come close to making a birdie. So, I've hit four perfect shots and I can't make a birdie, because of where the ball bounces. I landed it on the green today and thought I hit a pretty good shot and I had no chip. I mean, so that's what you have to deal with on 18 holes. So you got to hope your ball ends up in a spot that you can deal with it and/or you got to be able to make a putt.

Q. Sounds like you have not yet fallen in love with this golf course.
WOODY AUSTIN: No. No. It is a beautiful piece of property, but it's the wrong golf course for this piece of property. It's the wrong style of golf course for this piece of property.
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