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May 22, 2015

Massy Kuramoto


BOB DENNEY: We're joined by Massy Kuramoto, ladies and gentlemen, tied for the lead at the moment at 1-under par here at the 76th Senior PGA Championship Presented By KitchenAid. Here in the second round. We're welcomed very much by chairman of the PGA of Japan. Massy Kuramoto. And Massy, give us your run down of the way you rallied from that front side today.

MASSY KURAMOTO: After hitting a couple of bogeys on the front side I thought, well this is probably the way I should be playing. So I wasn't totally confused.

BOB DENNEY: When you started the day and saw the conditions, once again a very challenging golf course, would you say your round you were expecting to finish the round the way you did today, or not?

MASSY KURAMOTO: After starting out with a couple of bogeys, I did think I would be able to make a couple of birdies, too. So I thought maybe if I can finish within 2-over, I would be okay.

BOB DENNEY: Let's open it up for questions from the floor.

Q. Yesterday you said you would be surprised if you were back up here again. Well, you're here. Will anything surprise you this weekend or do you feel like you can contend to win this thing?
MASSY KURAMOTO: I'm still surprised to be here. Because I've been playing consecutively for four days now, my shots are getting better and my game is starting to balance out. So, I do think that I will be able to do well.

Q. How do you rate the golf course yesterday to today as far as the conditions, obviously a little, getting a little harder as the round went on, but obviously it was pretty soft this morning.
MASSY KURAMOTO: The greens were a little bit harder and faster today and the wind was sort of carrying the ball a bit too, so it was very difficult on the greens.

Q. What is it about having so few expectations this week that frees you up? Talk about that. To be able to play well without expectations.
MASSY KURAMOTO: I think by saying I'm I have no expectations or I don't have confidence, it helps me to relax and just take in what comes. If it's a bogey, it's fine. I'll try to recover later. It helps me to relax a lot more, instead of getting upset or getting tense when you expect yourself to do better. So that's probably what's helping. Even after the few bogeys in the start, I knew that none of the players, 156 players, will be able to play a bogey-free round on this course. So it just came early on my round and then it was fine.

Q. You said yesterday you really like British weather, rainy, win. Well, today very different, still a solid round. Do you maybe just like weather?
MASSY KURAMOTO: Just like Hawaii. (Laughter.) It's still windy, still quite windy, so I feel comfortable in playing different shots.

Q. Does anything change if you're in the lead or in the final group tomorrow, as far as the pressure that you will feel?
MASSY KURAMOTO: Probably by playing in the last group thereof course will be pressure, but when I reflect on the last two rounds that I played, just being comfortable and relaxed is probably the best way to go on this course. So I'll just try to be that way, stay that way. A few years back I played in the during the third round in the last group, but compared to that, I feel very relaxed and comfortable. So that will probably help.

Q. You sort of touched on it, but what changed for you on the back nine? I think you had three birdies on your back nine versus, obviously, the front nine where things were a little bit tougher at the start.
MASSY KURAMOTO: On the front nine it was quite chilly out there, so I really couldn't get a feel of distance with my clubs. But as I warmed up, it did start to get better. So that's probably the difference.

Q. Can you go through your card with birdies and bogeys, please.
MASSY KURAMOTO: Oh, I need glasses. I can't see it. I hit the fairway, I hit a pitching wedge 110 yards shot coming down and chipped to about over 15 feet. Made bogey. Third hole, bogey. What did I do? I hit the fairway, knock it on the green, 3-putt. 4, in the rough, missed the green, then 2-putt. 5th hole, I hit the right rough and laid up. Then 1-putt.

Q. How far?
MASSY KURAMOTO: About seven, eight feet. I think eight feet. 8th, bogey. I was in the rough, and then left side short. Then short by seven feet. Then missed. 9, I hit the fairway, and tried to hit the green, and I was short of the bunker and on about six feet? Six feet. 11, I hit the fairway, and a pitching wedge to about nine feet. 13, 13 was like this (Indicating) it was about a foot. 16, 10, 12, no, no, 20, 24 foot. 24 feet. 17, in the short, in the short, miss about, oh, nine, 10 feet.

BOB DENNEY: 30 putts today. How did your putting today compare to yesterday?

MASSY KURAMOTO: Putting was sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Especially the 18th hole. My first putt I had to hit it hard and it went way right. And then coming back I missed. But the second part was very good.

BOB DENNEY: Questions? He is the clubhouse leader at 1-under par, Mr. Massy Kuramoto.

MASSY KURAMOTO: Thank you very much.
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