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May 22, 2015

Jean-Francois Remesy


Q. Nice round.
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: It is. It's a tough golf course. It's a tough golf course. You have to be, you have to accept every little mistakes you can make and it's what I've done. I've done some very good shots and when the birdies come, you take it and you put it in your pocket, because you are not going to make a lot of birdies. And I'm very happy, two rounds under par, on the leaderboard, so I'm happy.

Q. Your putting is maybe keeping you from doing even better? Is that the way you see your game right now?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: Yeah, no, it's not -- I don't have a very good putter, or putting or very bad putting, it's just depends. Every day is a different day for me. I just restart from zero and I try to do my best on every shot. That's my key all the time. And that's the key for all the players, I think. I'm trying to not get into thinking about making stuff, I'm just trying to focus on my target and just play and just accept what I can do with my body. Because sometimes when I miss some shots I don't want to get into, you made a mistake in your technique, because that golf course is too hard to think about that.

Q. Did you have any expectations coming in here?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: Well, I always want to play well. It's in a good way. I just made it half of the way. I'm happy to be here and I'm happy to be in contention, but tomorrow is another day and I will restart and do my best, like I've done the last two rounds.

Q. Would it surprise you if you were leading or one shot back at the end of the round?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: No, it's no surprise. I know that I can play well. I won tournaments on the European Tour and under pressure, and so pressure is something that I managed a lot of times. So, for me it's more happiness to be on a golf course and to be in contention and play with all those guys. 20 years ago, I was just watching the Majors and the Masters and there are a lot of guys here. So for me it's Christmas, you know.

Q. Yesterday you said last year you weren't quite ready to come over here and try it, to play some, you needed to get the rust off. Do you feel more ready now?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: I don't have much opportunity to come to the States. We discussed about it yesterday and to get into the U.S. Senior Tour is very difficult. I got a full card in Europe, so we don't have a lot of tournaments, but Europe is, for me, something I want to prepare myself to. And from here, of course, of course, we are very spoiled, we are very, everybody's taking care of us, and it's very nice and I would love to come and play in the States. But I'm not thinking about that for the moment, I'm just staying in the present and I enjoy this tournament, I enjoy the people, and I make some good shots and they clap and when I make some bad shots they still continue to help me. So, I'm happy.

Q. On 8 and 9 you hit great shots right over the flag. Just too pure or wrong clubs or what?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: No, it comes -- this game, it's always something crazy. Sometimes you feel like you can go for the pin, sometimes you have to protect yourself. Every time I protect myself, I should say I make more pars than bogeys. But it's, I'm a feel player. I just stay in the present. And every time that, you know, like on No. 6, the 9-iron, it was a difficult pin position there, but I really enjoyed to play that one, because I said, oh, I feel it. So I go for it. And I made a little par on 9 where I could have made a birdie with two good shots. And I make the wrong calculation addition on No. 2 or 3. Then I made a bogey. That's little things. But everybody's doing some little things. And over the weekend it's going to be the same for everybody.

Q. How did you get hooked up with your caddie Jacob? How has it been?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: I enjoy it. He's there. He's there. I enjoy it. Yeah, he's a nice fellow. I used to take my decision, but he just, it's a good companion. I don't know if companion is the right word? Yeah? Okay. We enjoy it. He's really enjoying to be with me.

Q. Does it help that he knows the course?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: Yeah, on the greens. He knows the greens because he's caddied quite often here. So he helps me on the greens to make some decisions sometimes. So it's great. And for the clubs, I'm deciding myself. We double check also the distance, so that's fine.

Q. How would you compare yesterday's round of golf on this golf course to today's round of golf on this golf course?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: Yesterday was much harder. Today, sunshine, ball is flying a little bit more, the guys in the morning was a little bit unfortunate for, it was unfortunate the draw for them, but such is life, you know, but today's a little bit easier, but as soon as the sun's going to dry the golf course, it's going to be another thing. So, sometimes to pitch around the pin is fine and sometimes, now it's starting to be hard. So it's another way for the weekend, I don't know if the focus for the weekend, but I prefer sun, definitely.

Q. How long were your birdie putts?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: How long? 10 was about four or five yards. Number 14 was just like this (Indicating). A foot and a half. 1, that was like this also (Indicating). No. 6 was like this also (Indicating). So I was playing good iron shots.

Q. On 9, were you three feet?
JEAN FRANCOIS REMESY: Well, you know, yeah, two rounds, a little bit tired or wake up early in the morning, all those things, you know. So I missed one there.
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