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May 22, 2015

James Morrison


Q.  Feeling good about a round of 66 at Wentworth?
JAMES MORRISON:  Yeah, definitely, after yesterday's start, didn't imagine standing here.  But came out this morning, hitting it a bit better.  A little bit of a cold the last few days but I feel better today.  Came out firing and just got on a roll and kept rolling.

Q.  Bit of a cold, the reward for that magnificent victory?
JAMES MORRISON:  Yeah, and no booze, either.  I guess adrenaline rush coming down, etc.  Playing great and I'm happy.

Q.  No booze.  You didn't celebrate at all?
JAMES MORRISON:  I had one glass of wine but trying to be good.  But keep talking about it in interviews now, people think I've got a problem.  Again, trying to gain that one percent.  My trainer, Justin Buckthorp, works with Justin Rose, as well; and just following what Rosey does, he's a great role model for me.  He literally has no stone unturned.  And for me to get to the next level, I think I have to do that, really.  I've done that in my long game and working out.  But everything, especially, these days when everyone is so good, you need to be doing as much as they or more.  It's gaining little thingsthat I can, those advantages I can off the course that I haven't done in the past.

Q.  I take it there's pride on the back of a victory to do it again the following week.
JAMES MORRISON:  Only kind of goes one of two ways.  People either keep playing well for a few weeks or they go the other way and sit back and relax and don't see them for another month or so.  My big thing this week was to really get back into what I've got to do.  I'm back to work this week.  This is my office and I've got to get my head back into the game and I've done that well so far.

Q.  You have experience of it, because when you won in Madeira, you went to Spain and were beat in a playoff.
JAMES MORRISON:  I seem to play well after a win.  It's just the way it goes and confidence is up, I'm playing well and just want to keep snowballing from here and look forward to a good weekend.

Q.  Am I right to assume as a local, you have plenty of support?
JAMES MORRISON:  It's great.  Always good to come here and see friends and family.  Almost works the other way, too.  You kind of get out of your routine.  We had a power cut at home last night, no electricity for 24 hours.  Had a cold shower this morning.  It's a hard process really to be at home because when you're away so much, you want to be in your own hotel room and you've got your own routine.  It's my sixth year doing it and trying to slowly figure it out.

Q.  I don't mean this in any way, shape or form as a professional slight, but looking at the leaderboard yesterday, you were 4‑over after ten and thought, well, that's a bit of a hangover from last week.  Fantastic turnaround, isn't it.
JAMES MORRISON:  Yeah, exactly.  That shows this game we play is so stupid.  You can be 4‑over par, and not hit a good golf shot in the first seven or eight holes and knuckle down and turn it around and it takes one good shot, really, here and there to get the momentum back.
Yeah, I completely agree with you.  Plus four after the first few holes, I wasn't expecting to be standing here.  But that's the way golf goes and it turns around pretty quick and move on from there.

Q.  So you shot 66 this morning after that excellent finish yesterday but this morning didn't exactly go to plan, did it.
JAMES MORRISON:  At home, no.  I had a power cut and couldn't even charge my phone, nothing.  Cold shower, and I guess that's the way it goes.  You have to deal with what's in front of you.  Fingers crossed, have a nice, warm shower when I get home.

Q.  This is off the back of victory in Spain last week, so there's a real sense of momentum about you now?
JAMES MORRISON:  Exactly, momentum, and belief, hard work is paying off I guess.  Evidence that I can do it.  It's nice to show everyone that I can do it.  I've always believed in myself and every time I've got in contention, I've kind of semi‑faded away and still finished in the Top‑10s but keep learning.
Biggest thing, very proud of myself that I'm learning every day and I'm standing up to the plate and being counted.

Q.  Are you one of these people who looks to try to eek out the extra one percent in everything that you do?

Q.  And how does it manifest in your lifestyle or whatever?
JAMES MORRISON:  For me diet is the hardest bit.  I've got Crohn's since I was 16, so dealing with that and stuff.  Touch wood, I've had no issues for a while now.  My trainer, Justin Buckthorp, he's been at me the last couple years for me to really knuckle down on the diet side of it and not quite done it but getting there now slowly.
I guess it's the one percent, as you said, that add up in the end.  Because everyone hit the ball a long way, earn has got the right equipment, everyone is physically strong.  It's those little things that you've got to add on top.  So just try my best to do everything thick.

Q.  After the success of last weekend, it gives you every reason for confidence for this coming weekend?
JAMES MORRISON:  Exactly.  Just try and draw on that experience last week and keep on rolling and making birdies, keep hitting good shots.  I've been here in the past‑‑ had a lead after the first few days a few years ago.  It's a hard golf course, swirly winds and a long course.  75 isn't very far away as well as 66 is also very close.  Got to keep playing well and keep thinking smart and see how we go from there.

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