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May 22, 2015

Alain Vigneault


Q.テつ Some of the guys enjoyed watching a movie together yesterday.テつ Were you part of that?テつ What can that day, in general, do to help you regroup?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ That was something that was set up by Nasher, and we had a 6:00 meeting, and from there they had a team supper and they went to see a movie together, all good.

Q.テつ Coach, can you guys afford another (indiscernible) on style of game or do you think you need to slow things down to the point where you were successful in Game 1?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ Again, some games evolved in different fashions.テつ I think we're capable of playing a multitude of ways.テつ We can play solid, defensive games; and if it opens up, we can play offense too.
So, obviously, we're coming in here tonight, again, against a really skilled team.テつ We'll see what happens.
Didn't like the answer?

Q.テつ No, no, I did like the answer.テつ Just to follow that up, if it's another high‑scoring game, do you need a guy like Rick to contribute offensively?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ Usually if you score five on the road, you usually win.テつ So if he's part of that five, that's good.
Obviously, we know the importance of tonight's game.テつ They're up 2‑1.テつ It's a really big game for us, and we're going to be ready.

Q.テつ When a world class goalie like Henrik says he needs to be better and accountable, is there full confidence when a guy like that steps up after?
COACH VIGNEAULT:テつ Hank's done this a multitude of times where after a sub‑par performance, comes back and just shines in the moment.テつ He's very focused right now, focused on the right things, and he's going to go out and play really well tonight.

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