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May 21, 2015

Ryo Ishikawa


Q.  Very nice start.
RYO ISHIKAWA:  Thank you.

Q.  Tell me about your round.
RYO ISHIKAWA:  First of all, I'm always honored to be playing this tournament.  I just got an invite, invitational, so that's always a lot of thanks to the Colonial people.
And yeah, I'm just enjoying playing golf today, and that was a solid round, and I just played well around the greens.

Q.  And a bogey‑free around.
RYO ISHIKAWA:  Yeah, that's why I talking about around the greens.  Yeah, I missed green maybe five or six, seven times.  A lot.  But I just, yeah, got up and down every time.  So that's why I should have no bogey today.

Q.  And finishing with two birdies in a row.  That's a great leap to go into tomorrow.
RYO ISHIKAWA:  Yeah, that's was kind of lucky.

Q.  Lucky how?
RYO ISHIKAWA:  I mis‑hit on par‑3, 8, I hit a 6‑iron.  So I thought it wasn't going to go for the flat.  But it's like 10 feet, 10‑feet putt.  And I sunk that putt, and the final, the ninth, I just didn't expect it in the hole.  So...

Q.  How long was that putt?
RYO ISHIKAWA:  It was 35 feet, I think.

Q.  35 and breaking left?
RYO ISHIKAWA:  Breaking left, yeah.  Three feet.  Yeah.  So that was 2‑putt, 2‑putt par.  I'm happy.  I'm happy with that result, but I didn't expect that result.

Q.  Did the weather make the course more payable, do you think?
RYO ISHIKAWA:  Yeah.  Obviously I got best tee time today, three hours almost (indiscernible).  We still got plenty of time to play 18 holes, and actually, we could have played 18 holes and finished.  I mean no rain, not too cold.  So that's the best time.

Q.  And nice not to have to wait till tomorrow to finish the round.
RYO ISHIKAWA:  Yeah.  Yes.  Hopefully, I don't think it's going to change tee time tomorrow.  Around 7 a.m., but I'm still happy to sleep and go to bed a little earlier.

Q.  Good luck to you.  Thank you.

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