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May 21, 2015

Boo Weekley


DOUG MILNE:  Boo Weekley, thanks for joining us for a few minutes, 2013 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial champion, off to a great start with a bogey‑free 6‑under 64, capped off with a nice birdie at your last.  With all that said, just a couple comments on the round today.
BOO WEEKLEY:  It was good.  I mean, I drove it well today.  Not really swinging at it real good right now because of my back, but other than that, it was overall, we just tried to manage it knowing that we couldn't hit the full shots, so we went down a club and felt like we just punched it around the golf course and I made some putts.  Made a lot of putts actually.  I didn't make some, I made a lot.
DOUG MILNE:  You made almost 152 collective feet, which I think if we looked at it right, your fourth best on TOUR and you were a perfect 12 for 12 inside 10 feet.
BOO WEEKLEY:  That's pretty good.
DOUG MILNE:  That is pretty good.
BOO WEEKLEY:  Real good for me.

Q.  At Bay Hill you were kind of down on how you were playing and struggling.  What's happened since then that's got you back on track?
BOO WEEKLEY:  Just, I mean, making the putts.  I mean, Bay Hill I was struggling with the driver, trying to find a driver that we could keep in play and with some irons, had some issues with some shafts, and then finally, I think, in New Orleans we finally got it all put together, and it kind of showed there, and then played good last week.
Didn't play real well down at Jacksonville.  I just didn't make no putts.  Me and my caddie didn't read the greens real good down there.  Missed a shot of short putts.  But it's just one of them things.
If you play the game of golf, you know it comes and goes as it is, and it's hard as it is.

Q.  Do you feel like you're playing Boo Weekley golf again now?
BOO WEEKLEY:  Getting close.  Like I said, my‑‑ today was just one of those days I made a lot of putts, but it just felt like I punched it around the golf course because I knew I couldn't swing at it full.

Q.  While you say you punched it around the golf course, you've been to this place enough.  How different did it play today?
BOO WEEKLEY:  Well, usually we don't have a north wind during this time.  We've usually got a southwest or southeast wind, and it made it play a little tougher.  They made it ‑‑ I shouldn't say they made it easier, but they moved the tees up where they should have moved the tees up, and it kind of helped us out, and we played it up today, too, which helped out because we had a few mud balls in the fairway.
When you can put ball in hand, it's always at least a one‑shot to a two‑shot advantage versus when you hit it in the rough and you've got a flier‑‑ not a flier but you've got mud all over the ball and you can't control it out of there.  So it helped out.  It was different.  We're not used to seeing the north wind.

Q.  Can you give us a couple highlights, two or three of the most impressive putts today?
BOO WEEKLEY:  Trying to remember where I made birdie.  For me what kept my round kind of going, what's it, No.13?  Yeah, 13, I kind of chili‑whomped it out there to the right side of the green, and I thought it was‑‑ nine times out of ten that ball goes in the water, but somehow it hung up and I hit a bad chip there, but I made I think a 15‑footer there to save par, and that kind of like kept the round going for me.
I hit a lot of good putts.  There ain't just one of them that sticks out, it's just a lot of them were good.

Q.  Did you get some advice from somebody or did you make any changes in your putting stroke?
BOO WEEKLEY:  No.  They just went well.  The guy I got this week, my normal caddie had to stay home because his daughter is graduating high school, so I picked up Travis Perkins is his name, and we used to play a lot of mini‑Tour golf together, and he's played out here on TOUR and he's played the Web.com.  He's a good caddie, reads greens good, good player, and he can read the greens.  To me that's the weakest part of my game is I'd say seven out of ten times I struggle reading the greens, and he helped me out today reading the greens and making sure we kind of got an idea of what this putt is doing.  Like I might say I see it a cup out, he might say, no, it's only a ball out.  So then I'd go with his advice and make it.

Q.  You might want to put him on salary the rest of the year.
BOO WEEKLEY:  I've done pretty good with my other one, too, now.

Q.  Do what do you attribute your difficulty in reading greens?
BOO WEEKLEY:  What do you mean, like why I can't read them?

Q.  Yeah.
BOO WEEKLEY:  I don't know.  It's like‑‑ I don't know, I just struggle.  I reckon it's because I second‑guess myself so much, you know.  I mean, I struggle so much with putting, and just I never can feel comfortable over it, never feel like I read the right‑‑ for the pace that I'm going to hit it, I never read the right line.

Q.  For those of us who don't know, what's the nature of your back injury?  Is it a typical golfer's back?
BOO WEEKLEY:  I don't know.  I just woke up with a stiff back.

Q.  When?
BOO WEEKLEY:  Wednesday morning.  I hit a pretty good bunch of balls on the Monday, I guess maybe about seven bags, and then hit a bunch of balls on Tuesday and then putted for about two hours, you know, and then I woke up Wednesday morning, and it was like I couldn't get out of bed hardly, just rolled out.

Q.  Did you get some treatment for it?
BOO WEEKLEY:  Yes, sir, I got some yesterday, and when we get done here I'm going to go get some more.

Q.  Did you have some treatment with Dr.Advil, as well?
BOO WEEKLEY:  No, I took my normal pain medicine that I have.  I've got scoliosis, so when my back does go to hurting a little bit, spasm a little bit, I take a different medicine, prescribed medicine.

Q.  Were you hitting so many balls because you needed to get something straightened out, or is that normal for you to hit that many?
BOO WEEKLEY:  No, that ain't normal.  Last week I felt like I just wasn't hitting it as solid as I wanted to.  I was hitting kind of steep and I was hitting a lot of balls like fat but just kind of coming in it too steep, so we was trying to figure some things out, and that's the reason it took so many balls.
DOUG MILNE:  Boo, we appreciate your time, as always.
BOO WEEKLEY:  Thank y'all, guys and ladies.

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