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May 21, 2015

Danny Lee


Q.  This morning, does that throw you off at all?  How do you kind of reset?
DANNY LEE:¬† No, actually it helped me this morning.¬† I had a very early tee time, 7:15, but we had a three‑hour delay, so I took a nap at the clubhouse.¬† That helped me a lot.¬† As you can see, I had a good round today.

Q.¬† How were the conditions out there?¬† It was obviously really wet, playing preferred lies‑‑
DANNY LEE:¬† Surprisingly, it wasn't as wet as I thought.¬† I mean, obviously we were playing for lift, clean and place today, which helped me a little bit.¬† But it's still tough out there.¬† It's very windy, and the course is playing a little bit longer than usual because fairways are soft.¬† But greens are still firm, I think.¬† I don't know what any other players thought, but to me it was playing firm.¬† I think it's still‑‑ you have to play really good, solid golf to shoot under par here right now.

Q.¬† You live in the area.¬† What's it like playing this week close to home, and does it help you in any way being‑‑
DANNY LEE:  Yeah, obviously it helps me sleeping in my own bed.  It definitely helps.  I get to spend more time with my family, and I think it definitely helps.

Q.¬† Do you feel like you have control of hitting into the greens?¬† You said they were firm.¬† Did you feel like you were able to‑‑
DANNY LEE:¬† I mean, I hit it‑‑ generally everything went very well today, off the tee and second shots, I feel really comfortable with it.¬† I made silly bogeys on the front nine, but it happens to everybody.

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