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May 21, 2015

Steve Kerr


Q.  Steve, you mentioned maybe a little sluggish as far as the start last game, but did you look at the film and see technical things you weren't happy with, especially with the defense, or was it mostly energy?
STEVE KERR:¬† It was both.¬† There was plenty of detail on the film that we went through yesterday and this morning at shoot‑around, things we can improve on, and some of that is cleaned up with effort and intensity, but it's a combination always.

Q.  You probably have been asked this before, but playing against a competitor, Kevin McHale, does that ever come into your mind when you're preparing for a game?
STEVE KERR:¬† Playing against‑‑

Q.  When you're preparing your team, does knowing his moves when you played against him back in the day, does that come into your mind?
STEVE KERR:¬† Well, first of all, I had no chance to guard him back in the day (laughter), but no, I think with every team, you watch them on tape, you try to learn what makes them tick and try to combat some of that, and you do your best.¬† But I've always‑‑ as I mentioned the other day, I've always loved Kevin.¬† He's got a great way about him.¬† He's hilarious.¬† He's a hell of a coach.¬† He gets those guys in the right frame of mind, and they've been on a great run, so he's doing a hell of a job.

Q.  How would you assess how you guys have fared at home in these Playoffs in comparison to during the regular season?
STEVE KERR:  Well, we've done well.  I mean, we lost the one to Memphis.  We've had some close games where we've battled back, including Game 1 in this series.  But it's definitely nice to be in Oracle with our crowd, and we feel like we can feed off their energy.  Playoffs are different from the regular season.  You're playing better competition.  You're playing teams that are more prepared, more on edge, so any edge that you can get you take.  Playing at home is a nice boost for us.

Q.¬† You didn't have a shoot‑around before Game 1, you had one day, had the walk‑through the other day.¬† The fact that you've had several games where you've been behind early, did that play into your mind in terms of having a shoot‑around today, or was it other factors?
STEVE KERR:¬† It was mainly just the routine. ¬†We had a few walk‑throughs during the course of the season where we didn't shoot, usually on a back to back where we wanted the guys to sleep, but the 6:00 start is a little awkward, so we played it one way Game 1.¬† I didn't particularly like it.¬† I don't think our players did, either, so we're just changing the routine, getting back to a more normal one.¬† We started a half hour earlier at shoot‑around this morning and had an abbreviated session so the guys could get home and get some rest.¬† But it just feels like a much more normal routine to go through, and I thought that was important for Game 2.

Q.  You did intentionally foul Capela in Game 1.  What was the thinking there?  Is there a moment in time you wanted to do it, did you want to test it out?  What was the thinking that one time when you did it?
STEVE KERR:  It's always an option.  It's not something we've done a whole lot of this year, but it's all circumstantial.  If you feel like it's a good risk, then you do it, and if not, then you don't.  We just felt like that was the move at the time.

Q.¬† If he makes one, does that mean, okay, maybe we don't do any more‑‑
STEVE KERR:¬† Making one is always interest because I think it's enough for both coaches to‑‑ for one coach to keep doing it and the other coach to keep the guy out there.¬† You know, it's a calculated risk, and we've seen it in all the other series.¬† A lot of series have in my mind become unwatchable when it just goes back and forth.¬† I just flip the channel and watch something else.
But it is a tactic that's a possibility, and if we feel like it's a good move, we'll do it.  If not, we won't.

Q.  How is Bogut feeling, and does your success with the small lineup in Game 1 influence your thoughts on how much you might play him?
STEVE KERR:¬† Bogut is fine.¬† He had a good shoot‑around this morning.¬† He looked good.
As far as what lineups I'll play, it will all be based on who's playing well, how we're playing, and what the circumstances dictate.

Q.  The end of the awards season couldn't have been a big surprise to you, but your reaction to Curry and Klay getting honored today?
STEVE KERR:¬† Yeah, I'm thrilled for Steph and Klay.¬† Those are really, I think, the big ones, all‑NBA teams.¬† All‑Star sometimes is a little bit of a popularity contest, but the all‑NBA stuff is to me a really big deal, and to have two players on the top three teams, pretty awesome.¬† They both deserved it.

Q.  How has Alvin Gentry been handling the interest in all his services from the other teams, and as he kind of prepares game plans and goes through the daily grind here?
STEVE KERR:  Oh, he's fine.  He's not missing any work.  You guys know he talked to New Orleans the other day.  As long as it comes on an off day, I'm fine with it.  I saw the report today that there's more interest between New Orleans and Alvin, and then there was a picture of Lindsey Hunter (laughter), so I don't know, maybe Lindsey is involved in the search, too, and there's a picture of Alvin on his story.  I don't know, it's all good stuff.  I want every member of our staff to embrace any opportunities that come their way regardless of what they are, and as long as it doesn't interfere with our game planning, which it hasn't.

Q.  Just an update on Mo, his progress?
STEVE KERR:  He's making progress.  You guys know he won't play tonight, but he's about ready to start running on the treadmill, making strides each day, and we'll just keep taking it day by day.

Q.  I know this has to be down the road, but when you hired Alvin, you probably knew he might be leaving.  Have you always had a short list for people who you might replace him with?  Do you have to start thinking about those things?  Obviously not replacing your game strategy stuff, but is that something that kind of has to be on your mind?
STEVE KERR:  Not right now.  Not right now.  Plenty of time for that.  We've got other things to deal with.

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