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May 21, 2015

Chris Wood


Q.  Round of 68 today.  How would you describe that round of golf out there?
CHRIS WOOD:  I played really solid today.  One bad shot on 17, left out‑of‑bounds, which when you've got two par 5s to finish, you're looking to pick up at least a shot there and I finished 6,5, which is disappointing.  But I've been fighting a left shot for over a year now and that was the only one I today, so I feel like I'm starting to make a bit of progress with the swing.

Q.  Tell us about your left wrist, because you haven't been able to play since March only a few events.  It was a frustrating winter for you.
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, actually broke a bone in my wrist playing tennis in October.  It's a long way to fall down for me.  Yeah, it hurt, and that was five months off in a cast for a couple of months at home.  Yeah, it was a long winter at home.

Q.  Since then, coming back, a great result at the Hassan II Trophy and here playing well.  How do you feel about your game right now?
CHRIS WOOD:  It's not been great since I've come back.  It's been a struggle, working hard to finish 30th it feels like, and I chucked a third in there in Morocco as you said, but it's been a bit of a battle.  But I think it was always going to be after five months off.  We're coming into the meat of the season now, so hopefully I can find my form.

Q.  Good start to the championship.
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, finishing 4‑under when you're 5‑under with two par 5s to go is disappointing.  My par 5 scoring isn't the best.  Seems every week, guys are beating me by five, six, seven shots on the par 5s, so I'm doing something wrong.  The rest of the day was very solid.

Q.  That's unlike you, isn't it, really?
CHRIS WOOD:  It's been a problem of mine for a while.  I'm looking at my stats and the scoring, my par 5s are way, way above where they should be.  But the par3s and par 4s, I'm way ahead of most people.
So if I can sort my par 5s out, I think a couple of eagles here and there and a few more birdies, I'll be up there more often.

Q.  We spoke on your return after the wrist injury with a tennis problem, but almost surprised you didn't it, with a third place in Morocco and not been an awful lot since then.
CHRIS WOOD:  No, third in Morocco is as good as it's got.  It's been a battle and I feel like I'm grinding away each week to finish 30th which is not where I want to be.
Yeah, like I said, I've been struggling with the left shot which is getting me into trouble, so just need to keep working to straighten that one out.

Q.  Is that down to the wrist, any ongoing problem with that?
CHRIS WOOD:  No, I don't think so, because struggled with it since about The Open last July.  It's been awhile since I've put four good rounds together.

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