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May 21, 2015

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  Happy with 3‑under par around here?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, it was such a difficult golf course, and such a difficult start with the wind in the direction it is.  So you've got to go out and be a bit determined and just kind of keep calm on those first few holes, and I managed to do that.  I hit 16 greens in regulation today which is pretty good around here.
Happy with the way I played.  Rolled in a couple of nice putts, so sort of makes everything a bit easier.

Q.  It's difficult even when eve got beautiful weather like this.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, it is.  The wind swirls.  It's just a tough golf course.  You've got to play good.  You've got to keep the ball in play, stay out of those bunkers.  It's the same old story around here.  It's never easy around Wentworth, so, yeah, good stuff.

Q.  Presumably it takes discipline and it's good to knuckle down and just focus and concentrate.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, I've gone through a really rough spell with the golf and this was probably‑‑ well, this was probably the best round this year.  Not only played all right but the way I was on the golf course, mentally, and stayed with it and never really got a head of myself and never tried too hard.  There's a lot of really positive signs, which is nice.

Q.  Have you felt those positive signs coming, anyway, in previous tournaments?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Not really.  The last couple weeks have been pretty horrific.  After having a long time off with injuries over the Christmas period, I haven't really hit the ball the way I wanted to and now I feel like I'm practicing hard again and I'm doing my work, and I feel like that has to give me some good stuff.  I felt like today that was the first time I actually felt comfortable at what I'm doing on the golf course.  That's a positive sign, and you never know in this game, and hopefully it will last a bit.  But I'm not going to get ahead of anything.  I'm just going to go out and try to do more of the same tomorrow.

Q.  Health issues, back on an even keel now?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, I feel pretty good.  I do, actually.  I feel like I can do the work, and that's both off and on the golf course.  I can do the work now, which is positive.  So it's been a while since I've been there.  We go back to the mid‑summer last year where I was in that situation, so it was nice to be back where I feel like I can put in the effort.

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