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May 20, 2015

Al Horford


Cleveland Cavaliers - 97
Atlanta Hawks - 89

Q.  Al, talk about what happened in the third quarter, the run that they were able to go on in the third quarter, what you guys weren't able to do defensively.  And also talk about the injury to DeMarre Carroll and how you guys felt when you saw that.
AL HORFORD:  The third quarter, I mean, I really can't point anything that we necessarily did wrong.  You've got to give them credit.  They kept executing.  They got hot there scoring the ball.
We have to figure out a way to come out to a quicker start in the third.  We only had 16 points in the third quarter.  So we need to be better there.
As far as DeMarre, we're hoping he's okay.  I'm sure tomorrow he'll get an MRI and things like that, but we're just hoping for the best for D.C.

Q.  The last play when Millsap was guarding LeBron, it was like 20, 30 seconds left, LeBron was able to break through and get a dunk.  What happened with that?  Was there a defensive breakdown?  How did he have a wide open look?
AL HORFORD:  Yeah, it was a breakdown.  The guy went up to set the screen, and Paul and I were supposed to switch it.  Paul was supposed to send it to me.  I was on the other side.  He just went down the middle and just missed coverage there.

Q.  Kyle Korver struggled in the last few games to get off from behind the arc.  What can you guys do more to get him open?
AL HORFORD:  That's a good question.  We just got to make sure he gets more looks, meaning through our offense, and we'll have to figure that out.  At the same time, teams are much more aware of him.  Everybody's attention is on him, so they're really making sure that they contest when they get out there.
So we just have to keep finding ways to try to get him going again.

Q.  What do you think you guys will need to do differently against Tristan Thompson?
AL HORFORD:  You know, we've just got to keep playing our style of ball.  I think tonight, the way we were defending, a lot of us, we had to leave him and Mozgov to go double LeBron or something, and they were able to just pound the glass.  So that's something that I'm sure we'll look at.  We just have to do a better job of keep boxing out and making sure that we get those rebounds.

Q.  (Questions in Spanish).

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