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August 17, 1996

Bohdan Ulihrach


Q. Just talk a little bit about the rain delays, was it bothersome to you at all?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: It is always bad, you know, to wait, to wait and you have to go again, then it again stops. It is a little bit hard. Nobody like it.

Q. He got you in a hole early, but you were able to break back in the second set. ?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: I broke him back, but it is tough to play without the serve, 51 first serve percentage, it is not a lot and I won only 17 of 29 first serve points- 59%. It is not so much, so it is tough to play without a serve.

Q. He has had that going the past two days, I guess, just gotten that better; he is so much more dangerous when he gets that first serve in, I guess there is not much you can do?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: Yeah, it is always tough. He has the best serve in the world, maybe second best serve behind Ivanisevic, but it is always tough returning them.

Q. You knew this was going to be a different circumstances than the first time you played him?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: For sure I knew that before the match. It was completely different because he played at home on his favorite surface.

Q. Still, you have to be pleased with the what you have been able to do this week?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: Yeah, I am satisfied with what I did this week, semifinal. It is not so bad.

Q. We will see you here on the hard court circuit more often in the states; you will play more?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: I hope so next year I will come and I will try to play other tournaments in February, Indian Wells and Key Biscayne.

GREG SHARKO: Thank you.

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