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May 20, 2015

Mike Fox

Benton Moss


Louisville – 7
North Carolina - 4

HEAD COACH MIKE FOX:  You can see why Louisville was the best team in our league this year.  They played exceptionally well.  I'd like to have seen how the game played out if we'd been able to scratch a runner in the first couple of innings.  But we didn't get it done.  Obviously the error hurt us and opened the door.  We just couldn't muster anything the last few innings.  The credit to them, they played well. 

Q.  Talk about how you pitched today. 
BENTON MOSS:  Yeah, just a couple of pitches, you know, I wish I could take back, and change a little bit.  But that's true in any game.  You can't take anything back.  So I felt like I had good stuff.  Obviously coming off a little short rest.  But still like I felt like a competed and made most of my pitches.  I have to give it to McKay, he pretty much had my number all night unfortunately, but it's all good.  I felt like I was hitting most of my spots.  And other than that just got to let things happen how they will. 

Q.  You've been here now for four years.  How does that lineup compare to other good lineups?
BENTON MOSS:  Yes, it's on par for the ACC.  The ACC is a very good conference.  Their top five hitters are an ACC lineup. 
It got a little bit rough in the 4th, 5th and 6th.  Like I said earlier a couple of pitches I could have taken back, but other than that I felt pretty good about it.  It's baseball.  I felt our team was right there.  Really right there.  If three or four things in the game we could change, it would be different.  But it's baseball. 

Q.  I wanted to ask you, you mentioned McKay?
BENTON MOSS:  Yeah, the pitch right before that was a change‑up, he swung through it.  That's just on me, full responsibility.  It's a 2‑2 pitch.  Should have thrown one that bounced 46 feet, so he couldn't do what he did.  Probably a little amped up, trying to throw too good of a pitch, and it ended up not being as good of a pitch.  I had a little doubt on that pitch.  I wish I could have done a different one.  That was totally on me, I should have thrown a different pitch.  But he got on it.

Q.  When you were cruising through the first three innings, what happened in the middle, did they make any adjustments or can you talk about that a little bit? 
BENTON MOSS:  Yeah, I felt like I was still throwing well.  Obviously McKay was big for them.  It shouldn't have been a two run, but the first run was on me.  The fastball got away from me.  Other than that I thought we played well in the field for the most part.  And that's why they are 25 or whatever in the league.  If we made a couple of adjustments ‑‑ they're a good team. 

Q.  Did you fight your breaker ball?  Seemed like you threw fewer breaking balls and more fastball change‑ups, did you not have the feel for your breaking ball?
BENTON MOSS:  I think if you go back and look at it, a lot of the strikeouts were on breaking balls early.  Just trying to mix and match.  And only to your question, if I could go back there were a couple of pitches that I would have thrown more curveballs.  I felt like I had good command of it, and I wasn't leaving anything up.  Just was trying to mix and match and didn't turn out exactly Howie wanted it. 

Q.  What went to your decision to go with Benton tonight?
HEAD COACH MIKE FOX:  Well, I mean, Coach Forbes and I talked and he'd thrown 38 to 40, I think, on Saturday, and we're trying to win the next game, felt like he was the person to give us the best opportunity to do that. 

Q.  Did you see something specifically in their lineup?
HEAD COACH MIKE FOX:  No, not really.  JB was obviously another option, or Bukauskas, they're a free swinging team.  I felt like we needed Benton out there with his breaking ball and his change‑up and early I thought he threw some good ones, struck out twice on his breaking ball, and threw some change‑ups.  I think that's important to do that and kind of keep them honest. 

Q.  After you guys got the four runs in the first three innings, were you worried that it may not be enough?
HEAD COACH MIKE FOX:  Well, I mean, yeah, we needed to score.  We needed to score more runs.  Obviously you can't ever have enough runs, especially against a good lineup.  And we had used Trevor, so we're going to come out of the bullpen with a lot of young guys, and you never know how they're going to respond or throw.
We missed an incredible opportunity in the first two innings that somewhat has been the tale of our season, where we had a chance to go up two or three runs there early.  And we did have a big inning, but we could have had more than one, and I think you have to in order to beat a team like Louisville.

Q.  Do you know who you're going with tomorrow?
HEAD COACH MIKE FOX:  I don't tomorrow.  If I had to guess it would be JB tomorrow.  But I don't know for sure yet.  I'll talk to coach Ford and we'll confirm that.

HEAD COACH MIKE FOX:   Yeah, they're good.  And, you know, they pitch well.  They're a good team in our league.  We have to play at a high level.  And when we get opportunities to score we've got to take advantage of them if we get them.  Obviously we're ‑‑ I thought we were really relaxed tonight to start the game, we competed.  Just played a good team and went into two really good relievers.

Q.  For Louisville to do what it's done in ACC in its first year, what about their program?
HEAD COACH MIKE FOX:  Well, I mean, before they got in the league, now, we faced them in the World Series.  They weren't chopped liver before they joined our league.  They're extremely well coached.  Dan has done a terrific, terrific job.  I think they put a lot of emphasis in their program and facility.  They've got a great pitching coach in Roger, obviously.  And they've recruited some really, really talented players. 
And I don't know that anybody expected anybody in our league, whether it's a first year team or a team that's been in the league for a hundred years, to go 25‑5 in our league.  That's a tremendous accomplishment.  Some of the best teams we've had in the ACC haven't been able to do that, it's quite impressive.
You can see why.  They play with some poise and some confidence and I don't think they ever panicked when they got behind.  Great club. 

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