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May 20, 2015

Adam Scott


THE MODERATOR:  All right.  We'll go ahead and get started.  Like to welcome defending champion to the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial.  Adam Scott, thanks for joining us for a few minutes.  You've had a chance to get out, see the course.  Making your fourth start at the event, I believe.  Just some thoughts on the course and being back here at Colonial.
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, it's great to come back as the defending champion.  Anytime you've had a good history at winning an event, it is good coming back, and certainly here it's such a club with so much history in the game.  It's a real honor to be as a champion, and looking forward to trying to defend the title this week.
The course is in great shape.  I think the greens are the best I've ever seen them pretournament.  So hopefully the weather can behave a little and keep this course in really nice shape.
THE MODERATOR:  A little bit of an interesting scenario last year.  You reached the world's No. 1 ranking before you came here and won the event, almost as a‑‑ certainly not that you needed validation for that positioning, but that was kind of a unique scenario that played out.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  It was a really fun week for me, obviously getting to world No. 1 is a dream come true, and I really wanted to have the experience of playing as the world No. 1, and that wasn't necessarily going to be the case if I didn't play, so playing here was great, and to cap the week off with a win makes it a very special memory for me.
So all good positive thoughts as a go into this week.
THE MODERATOR:  Okay.  With that we'll take some questions.

Q.  Congratulations on having your baby.  Can you just talk about how things changed for you on TOUR, if at all?  Do you travel with her?
ADAM SCOTT:  No.  No.  Just‑‑ just checking in every day at the end of the day to make sure everything's all right.  That happens a lot more.  But no, nothing really has changed much.  I can't blame that.

Q.  Adam, as you said, there's some positive thoughts being at Colonial.  Where do you see your game at from a year ago, from where you were coming into the tournament last year to now?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  I mean the game is‑‑ the game's good.  I just have had many changes, I think, this year, with a lot of things.  But to be balancing out nicely and I think it's nearly there.  I've changed equipment a little bit, and that's taking a little while to straighten itself out and get to a comfortable spot.
I feel like I'm playing well.  I certainly haven't put any numbers on the board and that's really what it's down to now.  I just gotta really grind it out and get the most out of it, whereas I feel this year I've really gotten the least out of my game.  I've made the worst of it, and that's not a nice feeling at all.  So easily frustrated.
But this is going to be a really good week to, you know, really play within myself.  You can't be wild around this golf course.  You have to really hit the fairway this week.  There's a premium on that.  The rough is up.  It will be very hard to score well playing from off the fairway this week.  So I think it's a good week for me to really, you know, kind of tone things down a little bit and be very patient, which is pretty much how I played last year and it worked well.

Q.  And speaking of equipment, where do you stand currently with your putter and your approach going forward through the rest of the year?  What's your approach going to be?
ADAM SCOTT:  Keep putting the way I am.

Q.  Then you'll just make the change in January?

Q.  How much difference does the course play when the conditions are like this, soggy, and everything is not fast and firm, and how much different is that compared to what it was last year?
ADAM SCOTT:  Right.  Well, the course is in good‑‑ it's not too soft at the moment.  So it's in good shape.  But ideally it would stay this way.
When the course gets soft and quite soggy, it plays a lot easier for us because the ball doesn't run so for off line as fairways get wider, greens become bigger.  So I would say scoring is better.
And certainly around this course, when this gets firm, it presents challenges, because you can't bite off corners on holes that dogleg because the fairways are so narrow if the ball is running, and you have to be very precise into the greens when it's firm as well leaving it under the hole.  It's the old style of golf that will prevail over 72 holes if you're fairly cautious and make few mistakes, you'll have a good score.

Q.  Par‑3 success here last year.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  Good shots at the right time maybe.  I didn't really know I played the par‑3s that good, but I was told I played the first five holes the best in tournament history, and 3, 4 and 5 are difficult holes, so that's obviously a big leg up on the field.
I'm not going to focus on the first five only this week, but certainly it helps to get off to a good start on those first five at this golf course, because then you've got an opportunity for a good score.  But it's very easy to not do much wrong and be a couple over after five, and then you're working hard for the rest of the day to find some momentum, get back to par, which is always a better feeling than being over par and then trying to build on that.  It's not that easy to do that when you get off to that poor start.  So they are important holes.

Q.  Was today the first day you got a chance to look at your name on the wall of champions, or have you seen it before?
ADAM SCOTT:  I saw it yesterday.  I played the front nine yesterday.  So I saw it up there at the very start.  It's really a great‑‑ so much great history here, with great players and great champions, it's nice to be up on that wall and be back there and enjoy, feel proud of what you achieved.
THE MODERATOR:  Anybody else?  All right.  Adam, as always, we appreciate your time.

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