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May 20, 2015

Justin Rose


SARAH GWYNN:  Justin, thank you very much for coming in today.  It must be nice to be back on European soil.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, really nice.  Obviously growing up so close to here, this tournament is even more special to me than it should be, being the Flagship Event of The European Tour.  You know, come tomorrow, there will be a lot of familiar faces in the crowd for me, and it always makes it very special.
SARAH GWYNN:  And coming here with a nice bit of form with your win a few weeks ago in America.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, absolutely.  Definitely off the back of the Masters, I was very happy with my performance to, take that on to the Zurich Classic.  It feels weird to be happy with a second place, but at that point in the season, I was.  Given the tournament and the way Jordan played, he was sort of unstoppable that week and I felt very happy with the way I competed at the Masters.  It's always nice to get over the finish line as a winner and to do that the very next week was important for me.

Q.¬† A couple of runners‑up spots for you, what would it mean to add this to the C.V.?
JUSTIN ROSE:  This would be very special for me to add this one.  Call it a bucket list tournament.  Outside of the major championships, I can't think of a tournament I'd like to win more than this one.
It's obviously a huge event and given the local feel for me, and the inspiration I got coming to watch this tournament, from about the age of eight, I've been coming out here and watching the great players and being inspired to go back to my home course and practise.  I remember coming out and watching till probably 6.00pm and going home, practising, trying to emulate what I saw that day.  So it's always been a big inspiration for me this week.

Q.  Were there any players in particular you remember watching and shots maybe that you kind of took those moments away?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, definitely I think it was Norman and Faldo, sometimes The World Match Play and this tournament, memories kind of mold into one.¬† I remember one shot I specifically remember was Jos√© Maria Olaz√°bal chipping in from the front of the 11th green.¬† I remember being halfway up the fairway, watching him at the top of the hill and watching him chip in.¬† I was with a friend of mine, he called the shot and I said, "He won't chip‑in, no way," and boom, in he chipped.¬† So I remember that memory.

Q.  In terms of the strength of field, it is the Flagship Event of the Tour, what does it say about the strength of the Tour, the quality of the field here this week?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think for me just need to look at what happened last night at The Players Awards dinner and the trophies that were on display.  It was phenomenal, three of the four major championships there, and all of the other great accolades and players Player of the Year, all that stuff.  A really inspiring night to see what's been achieved by guys who play The European Tour, and very motivating night from that point of view.

Q.  How special was The Ryder Cup moment last night with the exchanges between yourself as the team and your captain, and having Sir Alex with you, as well?
JUSTIN ROSE:  That was a very cool moment.  The theme was 'The Happiest Days of Our Lives,' and there's so many great memories that Ryder Cup creates and to have an opportunity where you get most of the team back together and you have that moment to reminisce; and to really thank Paul for what a great job he did.  He made us all look good and obviously as players you need to go out and do the business, but he created an environment for us to do that.
It was nice to honour him and obviously everyone was able to write him a little note on a five pound note, and hopefully it's something he'll be able to look at and trigger some memories for him; but yeah, he was a fantastic captain.

Q.  What are the things about the West Course that appeal to you?
JUSTIN ROSE:  When you stand on every tee box you see what you don't want to do.  There's bunkers everywhere and strategy off the tee is very, very important.  You need to drive the ball well this week.  You can't play this golf course from the bunkers, so that means being conservative in some areas and in other areas, flying a bunker and accepting being in the rough if that's the case.
Just really avoid the bunkers at all costs, which is good.¬† It makes it a ball‑striking test this week, and if the wind starts to swirl, that can become very difficult.

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