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May 20, 2015

Boomer Biegalski

Mike Martin

D.J. Stewart


Florida State テや 3
Clemson - 1

HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ Obviously it was a Boomer Biegalski show today.テつ And DJ picked us up with the big hit.テつ And it's amazing what starting pitching does for a ballclub.テつ And Boomer gave us certainly seven good innings, six and a third.テつ But really I don't think he had to escape but two run scoring situations.テつ
So it was ‑‑ you strike out seven guys in six and a third, not allow many baserunners, it's a credit to him.テつ He pitched a very well the last time we played Clemson, and didn't have anything to show for it.テつ So I'm sure he was motivated to pitch better today.テつ
Clemson, of course, handled us right easily last weekend, all the credit goes to Jack and his team.テつ We're just hoping that we can get better as this thing goes on.テつ

Q.テつ DJ, on that tripe, what was the pitch you were looking for and what did you get?テつ
DJ STEWART:テつ I mean, I had two strikes on me, I was thinking opposite view, looking for the ball away.テつ He gave me a fastball away.テつ He didn't want to load the bases with our four‑hole coming up.テつ He give me a fastball and I tried not to do too much and hit it that way.テつ

Q.テつ Just building on, that I noticed it seemed like you guys were a little bit more aggressive at the plate today, not taking as many pitches early, was that part of the game plan coming in, given how he's been pitching and not taking many strikes?テつ
DJ STEWART:テつ Yes, it was part of our game plan.テつ He's a great pitcher.テつ Last time when we faced him he only allowed one run, and Boomer pitched great last time, too.テつ We didn't get in any runs.テつ We gave them one run of run support.テつ
So this time we had a better game plan, watching the film of what he did to us last time.テつ Just trying to hit ‑‑ if he threw it in the strike zone, going up with the same mindset, take balls if he's going to throw balls, but if he puts it in the strike zone early, we were trying to hit the fastball early.

Q.テつ Other than that third inning, he primarily pitched well against you guys.テつ I don't think he allowed a hit after that third inning.テつ What was he doing so effectively that kept you off balance?テつ
DJ STEWART:テつ He was doing the same thing that he was doing the whole game.テつ With a pitcher with Crown, there's a reason he's the ACC Pitcher of the Year.テつ Whenever he gets in a jam he pitches out of it.テつ And as hitters you have to capitalize on the opportunity.テつ Maybe he'll give you one opportunity to score on him, maybe two, but it's not likely that he's going to give you many opportunities.テつ
So we had to execute in that situation, and I really wanted to be up in that situation and luckily I was able to come up and get some runs for Boomer.テつ And after that it was smooth sailing for him.テつ

Q.テつ DJ, talk about ‑‑ I have a feeling you have seen a lot of good pitches this year, teams have pitched around you, has it been frustrating or have you stayed patient more so than the first two years?
DJ STEWART:テつ It was more frustrating early in the season, because I needed to get in the rhythm, kind of, wasn't seeing many pitches to swing at.テつ Sometimes I wasn't swinging the bat until the second sore third at‑bat.
It's a part of the game.テつ I have great guys in front of me getting on base.テつ When they get on base I'm able to swing the bat.テつ If they don't want to pitch to me, I have great guys hitting behind me.テつ Quincy Nieporte is doing a great job hitting in the four hole.テつ And Chris Marconcini, they're doing a great job.テつ If they're going to walk me, I'll take the scored runs all day long.テつ

Q.テつ Just to follow up on that quickly, have you felt the pressure at all during the course of the year, so much on the line?テつ
DJ STEWART:テつ No, sir, I'm focused on Florida State.テつ That will be something later when the season is over, right now it's all about Florida State, and it's all about us, it's not about myself as an individual. テつ

Q.テつ You were able to keep Clemson from being able to get that big hit against you, how did you do that?テつ
BOOMER BIEGALSKI:テつ I felt like I was locating better than I had been, and getting ground balls.テつ And guys playing behind me, that helped a lot.テつ

Q.テつ All season long, every start Biegalski has had at least five innings pitched, what does that do for your team?テつ
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ It does an awful lot for the bullpen, when you don't have to go to use three and four guys.テつ We had planned to use Billy in the 8th if he was needed.テつ We made that decision about two weeks ago, that we were going to give him the ball in the 8th, instead of waiting until the 9th.テつ And I thought Dylan pitched very well, ran into a little problem there, which got Billy in the ballgame earlier than we wanted to.テつ Boomer gave us every chance to win today.テつ He's done that the majority of his starts.テつ
If you look at what his record is, you have no idea how misleading that is because the young man has pitched beautiful baseball all year and has gotten better as the season has gone on, as evidenced when you can do what he did today to an outstanding Clemson team.テつ

Q.テつ Can you talk about DJ's career?テつ Obviously he'll probably be playing pro baseball.テつ
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ I think the easiest way to answer your question is just to be point blank.テつ He's a better person than he is a baseball player.テつ And I'm not going to coach his little eight year old brother, but he going to be similar, you can bet on that.テつ We're just proud ‑‑ and he reminds me of Buster the way that he does what he's supposed to do on and off of the field.テつ Now we've got a number of guys that did what they were supposed to.テつ

Q.テつ He's pitched really well all year, but you mentioned that he's improved as the year's gone on?テつ Can you talk about what specific things you've seen in terms of his improvement and growth as the year's gone on?
HEAD COACH MIKE MARTIN:テつ Him and Coach Bell have worked diligently.

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