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May 20, 2015

Matthew Crownover

Steven Duggar

Jack Leggett


Florida State – 3
Clemson - 1

HEAD COACH JACK LEGGETT:  The ballgame was a tough one to lose.  We had some opportunities in offense.  I don't know the stat sheets, I think we left 12 men on base, and we did have some chances against the pitcher, who was pitching very well.  He was ahead in the count all day long.  0‑1, 1‑2, 0‑2, he pitched very well.  And his change‑up, and a really good out pitch.  When he gets ahead in the count it makes him very effective. 
We still had some opportunities, but didn't come up with the big hit when we had to.  They scored all the runs in one inning.  But other than that it was a good ballgame. 

Q.  Talk about that third inning, and looked like was that close to the wall when he made the pitch. 
MATTHEW CROWNOVER:  Yeah, I can't let Stewart beat me.  I made the mistake of giving them 0‑2 hits, and walking two batters.  That pretty much says it for the last two games.  That guy, I can't try to let him beat me, I have to beat the other guys. 

Q.  You faced him a few times already, what makes him so tough?
MATTHEW CROWNOVER:  He doesn't chase down pitches.  A lot of guys you can throw pitches that they chase.  But he's not going to swing unless it's a strike.  And he got me today.  He out pitched me. 

Q.  This loss is disappointing.  Can you talk about winning the ACC Pitcher of the Year and what that means? 
MATTHEW CROWNOVER:  By no means it distracted me today.  It's a team award.  My teammates scored a lot of runs for me throughout the year, and making plays behind me.  And it's a great honor. 

MATTHEW CROWNOVER:   I felt like I was out of sorts for a while there.  My four‑seam was kind of cutting on me.  I was adding and subtracting on my sinker all day, my sinking fast ball.  But I just tried to get ahead.  I fell behind a lot of batters early on.  But really should have done a little better damage control, but a good team beat me. 

Q.  Steven, you've been rolling the last two weeks, did you struggle with getting guys on base and not getting anybody in?
STEVEN DUGGAR:  I think again like Coach and Crown both alluded to, Boomer kept us off balance, and then Silva came in and then Strode came in and did a good job for them.  Anytime you get late into a count and all three of those guys have plus out pitches, I think it makes it difficult to get ahead. 

Q.  The next two games are going to be obviously big games for you guys to make sure you are in next week's tournament?
STEVEN DUGGAR:  I think it's about taking on the challenge.  We're going to see Belt tomorrow night, and we all understand what kind of pitcher that guy is.  So get good night's sleep tonight and come out fresh tomorrow. 

HEAD COACH JACK LEGGETT:  When they threw the ball away?  My mind was going, and I was trying to tug him along, and he was thinking different than I was a little bit, more conservative at that time.  I saw something different than he did.  He was coming into third base, and I was watching the whole play. 
But we still had some opportunities, and it's one of those things where we've been getting those big hits and playing like that.  We'll come back and play well tomorrow. 

Q.  It was a little bit tougher to make it to Sunday.  How do you approach getting those guys back up and recapturing the momentum you had at the end of the year?
HEAD COACH JACK LEGGETT:  We still ‑‑ were playing well, just a step short today.  And you've got to give them credit.  I thought they pitched very well today.  They did a good job, didn't make many mistakes.  The mistakes they did make, we could have taken advantage of it, but we didn't.  We'll be pretty to play tomorrow.  We've got a lot to play for.  It's important ballgames for us, playing against the No. 1 seed in our conference, who has had a great year.  Shouldn't be any reason why we wouldn't be ready to play, for sure. 

Q.  Talk about Matthews season, and how important he's been for you?
HEAD COACH JACK LEGGETT:  He's had a great season, we wouldn't be in the position we are without him.  And he's given us some great efforts, every Friday night, every first game of the series, this whole year.  He did very well again today.  So he's been a huge, valuable piece of our puzzle and the way he played especially in the last month and a half or two months.  He's one of those guys that's been consistent from the beginning of the season to now.  So he's got a great deal of respect amongst his teammates.  He goes about his business, he's disciplined, focused and locked into what he needs to do.  He goes about his business in a business‑like fashion.  And the results are indicative of how hard he works. 

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