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May 20, 2015

Ryan Getzlaf


Q.  Ryan, I'm sure you don't anticipate going into a series where there's going to be a three overtime game.  These two teams here, is that game emblematic of what can happen in this series in terms of how tight it can be and how little can decide it?
RYAN GETZLAF:  Oh, yeah.  I think going into the series we were well aware we're pretty evenly matched teams.  There are going to be some pretty good hockey games.  Overtime's obviously part of playoff hockey and excitement.  Last night was one of those great games.

Q.  How did you fare physically?  How did you go about recovering from that grinding game?
RYAN GETZLAF:  Well, I mean, the recovery starts last night.  A big part of it is today, what we're going to do today to prepare for tomorrow.
I felt pretty good out there for the most part when you're talking about playing six periods of hockey.  It's not normal for anybody.  As hockey players, we don't do that very often.
I felt pretty good overall.

Q.  Ryan, how did you make sense of it all?  The puck hitting the post four times, how do you cast that aside and try to find positives that can allow you to move on?
RYAN GETZLAF:  Well, I think our mindset this whole playoff has been just to push forward, do what we need to do, get prepared for the next game.  No matter what the outcome is the one before, it's about the next one now.
You know, never once did we think we were going to sweep the Chicago Blackhawks.  We lost one, now we've just got to prepare again.
It was a fun, emotional game.  Obviously you'd like to be on the winning side of it, but it is what it is.

Q.  The big advantage you guys had (indiscernible), more of the same is coming in Chicago or Anaheim?
RYAN GETZLAF:  We're going to try to maintain.  We're going to play our game, do the things we do, tighten up a little bit.  We got in a little bit of penalty trouble early in the game.  We need to win the special teams battles.  That's a big part of the hockey game now.

Q.  Ryan, having gone to Winnipeg and Calgary, you know what it's like to be in a hostile environment.  Does that prepare you for Chicago?
RYAN GETZLAF:  Yeah, it's going to be great.  We're excited about it.  Our building was rocking last night.  It was fun.  Playoff time is a great time of year.  Like you said, we've played in some pretty hostile buildings in the first two rounds and we expect nothing else tomorrow.

Q.  As a forward, how conscious are you that Chicago is kind of keen on defense and how much is that part of the strategy?
RYAN GETZLAF:  Luckily it plays into our game.  If we can make a point where we get the puck deep, do things down below their circles, it can make a big difference for our game as well as make their D men play in their zone.  The more they play down there, the less they can jump up in the play.
As the series goes on, we plan on continuing to do that, get the puck, make them work in their zone.

Q.  Ryan, the way that Crawford was playing last night, obviously the benefit of some posts, but he made some big saves.  Do you get a sense you have a tough customer to deal with?
RYAN GETZLAF:  Yeah.  I mean, we know Crawford.  He's been there.  He's played well in the playoffs.  He's played well throughout the season.  There's no secrets there.  We didn't expect that he was going to let in a bunch of goals.
We're going to keep working, keep going to the net, getting in those dirty areas, so to speak, making sure those rebounds, if we have an opportunity, shoot them in.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you very much.

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