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May 19, 2015

Marcus Kruger

Joel Quenneville


Triple Overtime

Chicago ¬Ė 3
Anaheim - 2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Marcus.

Q.  Marcus, if you can walk us through the last play.  How do you keep the legs going, keep driving to the net at that point of the game?
MARCUS KRUGER:  I mean, I saw D men's going D to D there.  Then I lost the puck for a little bit.  Happy to find it there and put it in.

Q.  Marcus, they said they gave Corey Crawford the belt afterwards, but he gave it to you because of the goal.  Do you accept it?
MARCUS KRUGER:  He could have kept it.  Maybe he isn't that kind of guy that would keep a thing like that.
I mean, he deserve it.  He was great tonight.  He gave us a chance.  Yeah, we're happy to have him.

Q.¬† Marcus, how do you recover from when Andrew Shaw has the game‑winning goal, then you haven't?¬† How do you recover as a team?
MARCUS KRUGER:  It feels like it's happened a few times to us.  We've been able to bounce back right after that.
I mean, at least me, I thought the game was over there.  Then they called it back.  We had to regroup.  I think we did a great job staying with it.  Ended up with the win later.

Q.  I couldn't tell on the replay, but did that hit your stick or the goalie's stick, then you put it in?  Can you just describe the sequence.
MARCUS KRUGER:  Like I said, I lost the puck there.  It hit my glove first, then I tried to get a stick on it.  So happy to put it in.

Q.  Can you put this into context, how big of a moment this is for your career, how it compares to other big moments you've had.
MARCUS KRUGER:¬† No, it's a great feeling.¬† We almost played two games out there.¬† To put it in and get a big win here, leaving California with 1‑1, we're pretty satisfied with.¬† Going back to Chicago, it's going to be a great feeling stepping out there on the United Center.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for coach.

Q.  Andrew Shaw's head butt goal, had you ever seen anything like that, and did you know right away it wasn't going to count?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I saw it live.  I didn't like our chances.  I was just hoping he might have hit it on the way in. I wanted to make sure on the replay.
It was crazy.  Probably got that from the soccer before the games.  Doesn't want to let it hit the ice.  I guess it was one of those instinct plays.

Q.  You got those two power play goals early.  It must have felt like an eternity till the game winner.
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  It's as intense a game as I've ever been a part of.  Unbelievable game, pace.  I mean, both teams left it out on the rank.  Both teams had some excellent chances to win the game and end it over different times, different periods.
We love the battle, stuck with it.  Krugs gets a big goal because he's one of those guys that's a warrior.  Across the board, commend everybody.

Q.  The longest game in Blackhawk franchise history.  Do you feel a little older?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, I'm not getting any younger for sure (smiling).
One of those games, you have the adrenaline, coming out there for the first, second, third.  Got a break.
It was one of those games, it was so intense, you know, I didn't feel fatigued at all.  I was maybe a little stressed.  But I think the game kept you into it, your mind into it.
The players stuck with it.  The bench was sharp.  Everybody was focused on playing the right way as long as we had to play.

Q.  Joel, can a game like that, as far as the minutes played by everyone, alter what happens the rest of the series now?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I think we talk about that, Nashville series, each and every game.  But you're playing to win that game.  Everybody had significant minutes no matter who you were in that game.
I'm sure everybody will be tired and relaxed over tomorrow's day, and then I'm sure everybody will be looking forward to Thursday.
Right now it's one of those games, the minutes look skewed when you look at it, but the game is what it is.  Guys recover between periods, although they even have shorter intermissions, too.
It's a good test, but I think our team's gone through that more than once and are ready to get right back at it.

Q.  Coach, considering how close these two games have played, how important is it to take a split back to home ice?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I think it was important to try to win in this building because if we want to win, we have to.
A huge win tonight.  You get some excitement.  I'm sure we'll go back to the United Center, I don't think we're going to hear it as loud as we're going to hear it.  Everybody will be excited back home.  These are two games that have been pretty intense.  Nice to have those 10 days off before it started.

Q.  What stood out about Corey's performance with 60 saves?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I thought he battled.  I thought he was outstanding.  Quick, alert, handled the puck, rebound control, challenged.  Made a couple gigantic saves.
Thank you.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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