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May 19, 2015

Kevin McHale


Warriors – 110
Rockets - 106

Q.  Kevin, what do you know about Dwight's status and‑‑
KEVIN McHALE:  I don't know.  We'll probably know tomorrow.

Q.  The adjustments you made without him, just talk about those issues you had to deal with without him.
KEVIN McHALE:  Yeah.  Look, we started off, we were moving the ball, we got a little bit stagnant, we didn't rebound the ball well enough down the stretch, we had 50/50 balls we didn't come up with.  The small plays we've got to make, they had 14 offensive rebounds on us.  That's too many, and again, there were some 50/50 balls laying around out there that we've got to come up with those.
And then we were‑‑ I don't know how many shots we missed right at the rim.  We either had them blocked or just missed them.  You can't afford that.  And we drove hard.  I thought that we were getting to the‑‑ attacking them enough that we were going to get to the line more.  We got to the line 28 times, but that's part of our game is just putting our head down and going to the paint.  There's a lot of holding and grabbing out there.  We've just got to play through it.

Q.  I know you don't know what Dwight's status is going forward, but how are you diminished with him out there?
KEVIN McHALE:  Well, he's a very good player.  I mean, he's our top rebounder.  He puts pressure on the paint.  He protects the paint.  He's just a hell of a basketball player, and hopefully he'll be better.

Q.  Kerr talked a little bit about both teams going to a small lineup.  Do you see that continuing in the series?  Do you see it being contested more in the backcourt than the front?
KEVIN McHALE:  Well, no.  I hope Dwight is healthy and we can stay big.  I like us when we play big.  We didn't have that option tonight with Dwight out.

Q.  At the end of the half they went on a big run and you didn't call a time‑out.  Your thought process?
KEVIN McHALE:  Well, we had run out of timeouts.  I guess I used them all.  We had some turnovers, we had some mistakes, they were going to make some runs, but we were able to battle back.  We gave ourselves a chance.  Again, like I said, we missed too many shots right around the rim.  We didn't rebound the ball well enough, and there were a lot of little things that we can do better.

Q.  Do you think Dwight Howard was the difference, or is it a little bit more complicated than that?
KEVIN McHALE:  Dwight wasn't able to play, so I mean, that‑‑ but we played over half a season without Dwight.  There's no excuses.  We've got to play.  There's balls there to be had, there's rebounds there to be had.  There's baskets there to be had, there's layups there to be made.  We've got to do that.  Dwight didn't prohibit us from‑‑ we were 26 for 51 at the rim.  We got their setting and we didn't finish.  That team, Bogut barely played, so there's not shot blocking.  You've just got to go in there and finish it.

Q.  How did you see James evolve as the game went on?
KEVIN McHALE:  Yeah, he got rolling a little bit there, and we tried to keep ‑‑ he had nine assists tonight.  He's going to have to be a playmaker.  They put two on the ball, he's going to have to attack downhill.  I thought early in the game, he's getting hit some on his drives and he wasn't getting rewarded with free throws, so I'll take a look at the film to see if those are fouls or not, because there's a lot of contact when he drives.  He's just got to go in there and finish those.  Like I said, we've got to win the paint and we've got to win the boards for us to win games.  That's what we've got to do.

Q.  How did you think you handled the ball, especially late?  It looked like Josh lost the ball and it bounced late.  Just your thoughts on the ball handling?
KEVIN McHALE:  Yeah, we had a couple turnovers late.  We had a couple balls on the floor we didn't get.  I promise you no one was trying to turn the ball over.  I mean, sometimes that happens.

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