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May 19, 2015

Danny Hall

A.J. Murray


Virginia テや 11
Georgia Tech - 0

A.J. MURRAY:テつ (Inaudible) held the first inning just in the low 90s and commanding his curveball very well.テつ I thought after the second or third inning he started throwing the cutter, he kept us off balance.テつ They competed well, had good stuff and we couldn't get to them today.

Q.テつ Kind of Virginia's day, did it have that feeling early on for you guys?テつ
A.J. MURRAY:テつ Not too much, I thought Jonathan competed really well, and kept us in the ballgame.テつ But they had better at‑bats than we did.テつ They put the ball in play and kept the ball on the ground.テつ But I definitely thought we were in the game early and Jonathan did well for us.

Q.テつ How different does Virginia look now than when you played them before?テつ
HEAD COACH DANNY HALL:テつ I mean I think probably their hitters are much more confident.テつ I think when we played them in April you could sense that they were struggling a little bit.テつ And now they're not.テつ They're pretty confident up and down the order.テつ
And like A.J. said, they just did a good job of putting the ball in play.テつ The one inning where they kind of blew the game open we walked a couple.テつ And then Towns had a big hit.テつ And then Smith followed it with a home run.
So we're really behind the 8‑ball with their pitching.テつ They've done a good job of kind of reshuffling their pitching.テつ And their hitters are just playing with a lot of confidence right now.テつ

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