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May 17, 2015

Justin Thomas


Qテつテつ So how did you feel you played today?
JUSTIN THOMAS:テつ I played well.テつ I hit so many good putts that lipped out, hit the edge.テつ It was unbelievable.テつ Anytime I felt like I made a birdie to get some momentum I screwed it up.テつ Yeah, I played well.テつ I feel like I'm still close to winning and so close to getting in a situation every week so got to keep pressing and hopefully Rory isn't playing like that.テつ He's tearing it up.

Q.テつ Playing with Patrick Rodgers, that whole thing with the two of you roommates together.テつ It's got to be a fun week and fun last day.
JUSTIN THOMAS:テつ Obviously one of us winning would have been great.テつ Walking down one fairway with all those people out there I get chills talking about it.テつ So cool and putting on a show out there.
He really played well.テつ Obviously Rory pulled away a little bit.テつ Shorty, my caddy, we're talking.テつ He had a chance.テつ Got it to 19.テつ He played great and he earned himself a spot in the Byron.テつ Looking forward to hanging out with him.

Q.テつ What does that mean for someone like him playing on a sponsor's exemption and one of the best finishes for a sponsor's exemption at this tournament?
JUSTIN THOMAS:テつ It just reassures how he felt and how we all felt about him.テつ He's really good and doesn't tee it up in an event not thinking he can't win.テつ I think he showed that this week.テつ I expected the same out of him.テつ He's got bragging rights over me right now which I'm not happy about.テつ Hopefully we'll change it next time we tee it together.

Q.テつ Always next time.

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