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May 17, 2015

Webb Simpson


Q.  Webb, I know it wasn't the Sunday charge you were looking for.  It had to be great to play in front of these fans here at your home course.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah.  It was a memorable week, nonetheless.  And you know, Rory is a great player.  I knew I would have to come out, something low today and certainly par wasn't going to get it done.  Disappointed but at the same time he played well and no bogies, I don't think, or except 17 but he played solid and he's a tough guy to beat today.

Q.  What does this week do for your game?
WEBB SIMPSON:  We're trying to get better.  I feel like it's a great week.  I'm going to take a lot of positives from this week and keep working, moving forward.

Q.  Driving over early what were your chances ever of making a charge?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I hit some loose shots early.  Drive on 1 and 3, you know, missed the green on 6 but I had five feet for par and three-putted.
Through 6 I made so many mistakes, probably more mistakes than I had all week.  That was kind of a killer to be couple over through 6 with Rory playing pretty solid.

Q.  When he's playing that well and he's hitting it 350, hitting fairways, what's it like trying to play catch up?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It's tough.  You know, you never expect him to hit bad shots so you know you got to be that much sharper and that much more on your game.
So it is a little difficult.  But, you know, it was fun to watch him play well.  He's our best player right now and, you know, I wish more than anything I could have shot a couple under on the front to make it more exciting.  Didn't have it today.

Q.  Did you feel the momentum a little bit after you made that putt on 2?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was so early.  You know, I birdied there.  He missed his putt.  So I thought, you know, it was a good feeling to be kind of get a couple back that I didn't expect.  But still had a long ways to go.

Q.  Are there positives you take out of this week?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah.  Felt like my ball-striking is getting better and fundamentally we're getting better.  Putting it, getting better although I putted terrible today.  Confidence-wise, I still feel I'm kind of moving in the right direction.  That's all I wanted out of this season more than anything.

Q.  With you playing this round with such a big lead that he had, is there any pressure to try to put some pressure on him?
WEBB SIMPSON:  No.  I mean for us guys on Tour when you relax you seem to play worse.  I felt like we always play better if we need to hit shots, need to make something happen, we all seem to play a little better and, you know, today being 6 back or whatever it was, you know, early, I had to do a lot of self-talking, try to get myself back into it mentally.

Q.  Did you find anything like an edge that Rory was using that you would like to try?

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