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May 17, 2015

Webb Simpson


Q.  Five, six holes for you to try to narrow that gap?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Not too bad.  You know, if I was 6, 7 back it might be different.  I'm only 4 back.  A lot can happen.  It's easy to get off to a slow start here.
But there's definitely some birdie holes there from 7 all the way through 15 so the middle part of the round I think is where both most birdies will be made.

Q.  Webb, it's a couple birthday parties this week, dance recital.  What was on the Simpson family card last night?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Not a whole lot.  The Watneys were staying with us this week.  Nick cooked for us.  We had a low key night.  It was great.

Q.  You were raised in Raleigh but call Charlotte home now.  Fan reaction to you this week, do you feel like you've really been embraced as a Charlotte person?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I do.  The crowds have been unbelievable.  The best I've ever seen them here.  I definitely felt the support and had tons of friends and family out supporting me and also people I never met before.  That's just made for a special week already.

Q.  Finally, thoughts on what you need do today, do you have to be aggressive to try the catch Rory?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think a good round of golf is a must for sure.  I got to go out, play my own game on the front and if I need to make an adjustment at the turn, maybe play a little more aggressive on the back if we have.  We'll see how it goes.

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