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May 16, 2015

Webb Simpson


JOHN BUSH:  We'd like to welcome Webb Simpson to the Interview Room at the Wells Fargo Championship.  He's a 14-under par and four back.
Webb, I know a disappointing finish to the round but you're still right there in the final group going into tomorrow's round.  Get some comments on your day.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah.  Felt like I played, you know, a good solid day again today.  Hit it great.  I didn't make as many putts as I wanted but, you know, the golf course played tough.  What Rory did was outstanding.  I didn't see 11-under out there.  Good for him for playing so well.
But, you know, happy with the way I played.  I didn't make a bogey until the last hole.  Drove it beautifully today until 18.  So just kind of a brain fart more than anything.  But, yeah, excited to be in the final group again tomorrow and, you know, I am four back but hopefully I can come out tomorrow and have a hot start.

Q.  Webb, you're obviously playing really well.  You've been consistent for three straight days.  You see a guy did what he did, how does that impact your approach tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON:  You know, just makes me think he's going to play well.  If I'm trying to win the golf tournament, a couple under par is not going to do it.  I think it just makes me be a little more aggressive tomorrow knowing that I'm not here trying to finish 2nd tomorrow, I'm here trying to win.  If I'm trying to do that I got to come out aggressive.

Q.  How cognizant were you of what was going on?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I didn't notice anything until I was on 13.  I looked at the boards.  I birdied 13 thinking I was probably tied for the lead.  You know, honestly the crowds they were big in front of us and they weren't -- I didn't hear as many roars as I thought I would have if he was doing what he was doing.
I was surprised.  But it was remarkable.  You know, we kind of gave a, "Oh, really, like on this golf course?"  But I made a nice eagle on 15 to kind of stay within three and then ultimately bogeying 18.  Pretty impressive.

Q.  When you saw that, did it make you change your approach anymore coming into the closing holes?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Didn't change anything.  16, 17, 18 are so difficult.  You can't go at those pins or be aggressive moreso than trying to just make pars.
You know, 18 I wasn't trying to be more aggressive.  I just pulled it, kind of pull hooked it left which is a shot I hadn't hit all week.

Q.  You holed a handful of 10, 20-footers, missed a few shorter ones, 3-footer included.
Do you think the putting averaged out today or you left a few out there?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think I left a couple out there.  You know, the tough thing on a week like this is I'm hitting approach shots above the hole a lot, which these greens are so fast downhill I almost have to putt a little defensively because, like I said, they're so fast down-grain.
So, hopefully tomorrow can get under the hole a little more and be more aggressive with my speed.

Q.  You mentioned getting off to a quick start tomorrow.  How important do you think that would be coming from behind?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think it's important.  He's the No. 1 player in the world.  He's won golf tournaments everywhere.  So he's certainly comfortable in this position.
So, if I don't get off to a good start it's going to make it easier for him.  I'm not going to put pressure on myself to birdie the first three holes but certainly hoping to be a couple under, 3-under, 4-under on the front-9 and have a chance on the back-9.

Q.  You said you kind of noticed at 13.  What was behind the eagle on 15?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I don't know.  You know, we were in between clubs and I wanted to be more aggressive on 15 so maybe -- but, you know, there's no point in me trying to hang on coming in with what he did.
So, it's certainly in the back of my mind but, you know, like I said, this golf course is so hard you can't really change much coming down the stretch.

Q.  What was the debate on 15?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I was in between 5-wood and hybrid.  5-wood was the right number but we thought it would go over the green every time.  I ended up smashing a hybrid.  Kind of borderline where I could fly it on green.  One of those moments you kind of have to do it knowing that 5-wood is probably going over and came out perfect.

Q.  Any solace in being best in class?
WEBB SIMPSON:  What's that?

Q.  Any solace in being best of class this week?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Is that what I got?  Yeah, I mean the support I've had from everyone.  You know, I was telling Paul that Greensboro is actually closer to where I'm from.  I've always thought of that as my home tournament.  But living here and being a member here has been special and, you know, kind of gets better every year.
JOHN BUSH:  Perfect.  Thank you, Webb.

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