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May 16, 2015

Will MacKenzie


Q.テつ Relishing the experience of Rory, what did you take away from today?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ That he's way better than me at golf.テつ It's going to be tough to beat him.テつ I'm glad that he doesn't play every week.テつ I mean that guy, he's just -- he's head and shoulders above me.
If I play my best and he doesn't play great I bet I can nip him and if he plays well, I don't know if I have 11-under out here.

Q.テつ What does he do so well?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ He overpowers the golf course.テつ He free swings everything.テつ It seems like he's got it dialed in where he's going to play a little draw practically every time.テつ If he needs to hold up a shot he can put it up in his stance and sort of rotates through a little like baby, baby fade.
It's pretty much he knows he's going to draw it and then he can hit a little bit of a push fade in there if he needs to.テつ So he just -- he knows what he's doing.テつ His putting touch is -- he putts the ball beautifully now.テつ Every time he had to get it up and down he did.

Q.テつ He plays this well and puts himself on top the leaderboard, is it intimidating for everyone else?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ I think so.テつ I think he's going to become the Tiger Woods -- I think he already has but he kind of has that deal with Tiger -- when Tiger was at his top.テつ He just is a little bit better than everybody.テつ People can beat him, Jordan Spieths, plenty of guys that can beat him on any given week.テつ When he's on, he's awesome.

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