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May 16, 2015

Kelly Tan


KELLY TAN:テつ I saw her just kind of bounce around, and I saw her, I guess, two weeks ago in Dallas, and we haven't seen each other for five years.テつ We grew up playing golf, junior golf together, and she's like, hey, are you coming to Dallas.テつ I'm like, yeah.テつ She's like two and a half hours away from here.テつ She drove here with three of my other friends, and I asked, so you are going to graduate on Sunday, what are you going to do.テつ She's like, I don't know, I'm looking for a job, and she just finished her MBA, which is great.テつ I was like, why don't you just come caddie, you know, like just come have fun and we'll have a good week, and she's like, um, let me think about it, I'll let you know tomorrow, and Monday morning she called me, and she's like, yeah, I booked a flight, I'll come.

Q.テつ She has the job?
KELLY TAN:テつ She has the job, but I think she wants to do something else, but I hope she really enjoyed the week, and it's her first time caddying.テつ LPGA was always the thing we‑‑ we grew up playing golf together, and for her to be here and see all the great players and get autographs and pictures, I think she's really enjoying herself.

Q.テつ How much fun was a round like this to play?
KELLY TAN:テつ Oh, it's a lot of fun.テつ We were basically just joking all around, and she hasn't been working out, and after the first hole, she's like, okay, one down, 17 to go.テつ She actually helped me in a sense.テつ I'd make one birdie.テつ I wasn't really thinking.テつ She's like, three down, 16 to go, or 15 to go, whatever.テつ So I was kind of just make whatever that's in front, so it was kind of good.

Q.テつ So on 18 here, she was saying you were putting like that all day.
KELLY TAN:テつ Yeah, my putter was just so hot.テつ I was hitting my iron shots really good, too.テつ This is a great golf course.テつ Tough to really stick the ball really close to the hole, so I mean, I get a lot of 15‑, 20‑ footers and even 10‑footers, and I just didn't seem to miss them.テつ Like every time I'd read a putt and I'd tell her, do you like it here, every time it was just spot on, like yes, that's exactly where I see it.テつ So it's kind of one of those days that everything seems to‑‑ just going to come my way.
And then my irons, I was hitting it really good, too, and there's like no in between shots.テつ Everything just seemed to come my way.

Q.テつ Were you aware when you were out on the course that was your career low round?テつ Could you feel it going on?
KELLY TAN:テつ No.テつ No, actually I shot 62 when I was 16 playing in an amateur event, so I kind of had that feeling.テつ Just play what's in front and keep making birdies.

Q.テつ Feel like you're within reach and you can win this thing tomorrow?
KELLY TAN:テつ Yeah, absolutely, with the way I'm putting, with the way I'm hitting, just play like how I'm playing today, and I'm sure I'll have a chance.

Q.テつ What's with the significance of the boxing gloves?
KELLY TAN:テつ Actually I picked that up last year in Portland.テつ It's just because it matches my bag, I guess.テつ I like it.

Q.テつ You're not a big Mayweather fan or anything?
KELLY TAN:テつ Not really.テつ I guess power.

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