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May 16, 2015

Derek Stepan


New York テや 2
Tampa Bay テや 1

DEREK STEPAN:テつ Playoffs, there's not much room out there.テつ It's super important that you do the things without the puck and with the puck.テつ Obviously, Henrik has been a big part of it.テつ We've just got to find ways to continue to get better.

Q.テつ What is it about your line that you've had success?
DEREK STEPAN:テつ I think my two wingers have worked extremely hard.テつ Chris uses his speed, and Jesper is tenacious in the corners.テつ We've found some good chemistry together and we were able to just manage the game with good speed and not have too many bad turnovers.
When we make a mistake, our two "D" men help us out, and our goaltender makes saves for us.

Q.テつ That is the second straight game that you've had goal off a rebound?テつ What's going on out there?
DEREK STEPAN:テつ It's just how the goals are scored in the playoffs.テつ You don't see too many tic‑tac‑toe plays.テつ You kind of have to get the ugly ones and that's where they're going to be scored is around the net.

Q.テつ With Bishop being as big as he is, do you have to shoot for rebounds and kind of score goals there?
DEREK STEPAN:テつ He's a good goaltender.テつ He played extremely well tonight, and obviously, through the playoffs he's been really good for them.テつ It doesn't change much for us considering we just played a guy that was playing really well.テつ He's in a zone.
So we've just got to continue to get pucks and bodies there, and try to find those fortunate bounces and hopefully continue to get pucks there.

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