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May 16, 2015

Ryan McDonagh


New York テや 2
Tampa Bay テや 1

RYAN McDONAGH:テつ Obviously, we wanted to start off with some momentum here.テつ Obviously being our home rink.テつ Thought right away from the start we did a good job of getting our strength into the offensive zone, kind of got everybody into a flow.
We did a really good job of rolling all four lines, and three pairs allowed us to play fast and effective.テつ Some good examples, but obviously things we need to look at, too.テつ They got some good looks, obviously throughout the game, and for us, we need to continue to defend hard.

Q.テつ What did you guys do so well against the defensive side?
RYAN McDONAGH:テつ I think part of it was not overextending our shots.テつ We were able to play strong and play fast because we were fresh rolling our lines.テつ Made good decisions with the puck.テつ Didn't turn it over too much, so that was a good sign.テつ Talked about trying to make them play the whole length of the ice and not give them odd‑man looks.テつ I thought we did a pretty good job of that.

Q.テつ How different is the style compared to the Capitals here?
RYAN McDONAGH:テつ In focusing on us, we try to play the same way.テつ Obviously, it's making good decisions with the puck and not turning it over.テつ Being close with our support.テつ Utilizing our speed because of that close support and trying to put a lot of pucks to the net, obviously, and take away his eyes.テつ He's a big goalie, gonna see a lot, so we have to continue to make it hard on him.

Q.テつ Was that a fast game?
RYAN McDONAGH:テつ Yeah, pretty fast skating up and down.テつ I think I said before, we did a good job not extending our shifts, getting caught out there too long, so we were able to stay fresh throughout the whole game.

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