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May 16, 2015

Henrik Lundqvist


New York テや 2
Tampa Bay - 1

Q.テつ Are all these one‑goal games mentally exhausting and what does it say that you've won the majority of these low‑scoring games?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ I think it helps us when we're in that position almost every night that you keep your focus on the right things, and that's what it comes down to.テつ We all understand that every play matters throughout the game.テつ We're that close every game.テつ So all the board battles and making the right plays in our own end offensively, it all matters.テつ So to keep your focus throughout the game is key.
I think we also have confidence in our group when it comes down to it because we believe in each other and the system that we have.テつ It's always a good feeling to go into the third and just try to push yourself to get that win.

Q.テつ Tampa's only goal came on the power play.テつ What did you do so well defensively tonight and in five‑on‑five situations?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Well, obviously, we need to focus on their top players.テつ They're moving the puck really well and they have a lot of speed.テつ If you lose the puck in the wrong areas, you're going to see the speed even more.テつ So I think we did a really good job of putting pucks in the right place, and that's when you really slowed them down a little bit.
But they also showed, especially on their power play, the skill they have and how they can move the puck.テつ So it's something we have to remember going forward.

Q.テつ What did you think of the team's performance overall coming off an emotional series?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Yeah, I think it's always a big concern when you play a Game 7 like that, overtime and everything on the line.
The good thing is we had two days.テつ The day off, you know, you can reflect and process everything.テつ Then yesterday you had a full day of just preparation and practice and meetings and really get your head in the right place.テつ So I think that helped us being ready here.
There should not be any excuses.テつ When you come out here, you have to be ready, and you have to know what to expect.テつ I think we did a great job coming out in the first period and set the tone.

Q.テつ When you look around the room and see who the young guys follow, has Dominic Moore always been one of those guys that has set the tone with his work ethic?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ I think so.テつ I think the routines he has, the way he prepares, he's a true pro, I think.テつ He had it early on.テつ My rookie year was his rookie year.テつ I'm all about preparation, and I can see him almost being like a goalie with everything he does and preparing himself to get into the right place going into every game.テつ I think that's why he's been so consistent throughout his career, as well.テつ He brings his game to a level that he's helping the team every night in face‑offs and making great plays.テつ And now he's getting more minutes and he deserves it the way he's playing right now.

Q.テつ Star‑wise and other‑wise what did you see today from the Lightning compared to Washington?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Well, there are a lot of similarities.テつ I think they have a couple guys with big shots.テつ They have some playmakers that move the puck a lot side‑to‑side.テつ Maybe Washington played a little bit more physical.テつ But I think that's just going to increase for each game.テつ You have to expect that as they get more and more physical.テつ That's usually how it goes a lot of times when they play in these series.テつ You can feel the game a little bit in the first period.テつ It increased.
But we talked about speed going into this game, and I think the two teams that can play fast and move the puck well and create chances from there.テつ So pretty much what we expect and we saw out there.テつ So it was a fun game to play.テつ I'm just happy the way we rebounded from the goal there.テつ We took a couple penalties, put ourselves in a tough spot.テつ We managed to keep our cool and came up with the big one in the end.

Q.テつ You and A.V. have mentioned the system, the belief in the system, the belief in the players.テつ How much have the results strengthened that belief?テつ What is it about the system that allows you to thrive in these games?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Well, I think the system we have two years ago, it took us some time.テつ I think everybody was used to a certain way of playing.テつ It changed a lot the way we play in our own end.テつ When we got that in the right place, you can't rely on skill every night.テつ We have the skill.テつ But there is no way we can win consistently if you're always going to rely on making great plays or rely on unbelievable efforts.
You have to be able to rely on your team game and your team concept on nights where not everything is working for you.テつ I think the system we have really gives them an opportunity to play at our best.テつ Our top players playing throughout the lineup, we play to our strength with the system that we have.テつ Great skaters can move the puck, and the system really allows us to play that way, so I think it's a good fit.

Q.テつ You just finished a series where you were continually chasing the other team from behind, both in the games and in the series.テつ How nice is it to have an advantage early other here?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Well, it's just one game.テつ But you always look to get a good start and build something.テつ But you can't think too much about it.テつ You just have to come back tomorrow, get a good practice and get ready for the next one.テつ But it's always a good feeling to start at home with a good feeling and build some confidence because you start over.
Whatever happened last year was amazing the way it ended, but you just put it behind you and you start over.テつ This was the first good step for us.

Q.テつ Just seeing Callahan and Stralman out there, what was the emotion to see those guys?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:テつ Well, obviously you've been thinking about them during the regular season when you play them.テつ That was more emotional.
Now the only thing I see is them being in our way making it to the next round.テつ So you don't want to think too much about it that you played with them for a long time and you're good friends.テつ You're past it now.テつ It's such an important time of the year that when the game starts, I'm just focusing on what I need to do.テつ Obviously, they played a huge part of this team when they were here.テつ But, again, we played them three times through the regular season, so you kind of went through that back then and now it's a different story.
I think we're all very focused on playing every guy really hard out there, even the guys we knew for a long time back here.

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