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May 15, 2015

Russell Knox


Q.  Russell, get some overall comments on your day, please.
RUSSELL KNOX:  Best putting day of the year for me.  Pretty much that simple.  Bogeyed my first hole, bogeyed my last hole and the other 16 were -- I made a lot of putts.  So I was very pleased.

Q.  You put yourself in a pretty good position going into the weekend.  When you get a really low round like this, is it one of those deals where you're low with the group, and it's hard to maintain the rest of the weekend or is there another low round throughout to get over the weekend as well?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah.  If I shoot two even pars I have no chance.  I got to shoot probably 3-under both rounds to have a chance.  So, you got to go for it.

Q.  What was your attitude today?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Just let it rip, go for it.  This is the type of course you can't guide it around.  You got to start on the tee and hit good, hard swings.  I don't hit it so far.  I got to give it a lash or giving up too much distance.  It's a great course for me for that, I can really swing at it.

Q.  Bigger picture, you're still pretty well in contention, aren't you?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah.  I tried to force in an 8-iron on 18 and I should have just take a 7-iron behind the hole.  I thought it was a perfect club and I didn't have a great line in the fairway, it was sitting down and didn't quite catch it all.  Thrilled to make a 5.

Q.  Obviously that stretch of holes from 16, 17, 18, you have a really good round going, it's almost the equalizer a little bit.  Is that fair?
RUSSELL KNOX:  They're hard.  If you're playing well it's not just 16, the job is half done.  You got to play all those holes well or else it could ruin your round in a heartbeat.

Q.  Who are your idols on the Tour?  Who do you look up to the most?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Steve Wheatcroft is my best friend.  He's such a good guy and what a talent.

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