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May 15, 2015

Will MacKenzie


Q.テつ Some good things that happened out there.テつ Pretty solid play through two days.
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ The good things are I'm putting nice again and iron play is good.テつ Worked with my coach Saturday, I was about just to hightail it from The Players and my coach happened to be there and he's like, "Come on, Bud.テつ Just spend the night and practice a little bit."
I suck it up and went and practiced with him and then, you know, had a good few days and feel like -- felt like I was gaining on it with my ball striking and my putter actually felt decent at Players and it's been terrible for most of the of the year.
You know, the good thing is the putter and the iron play but I got to resurrect the striking off the tee.テつ I've gone through a bunch of drivers and it's not really the driver.テつ It's kind of me.
I just don't let it go, get trapped a little underneath, wide open face so I just got to let it go and see what happens.テつ I usually don't hit it too far left.テつ Mine I play with an open club face anyway.テつ I just got to force myself into letting it go and drive it okay if I'm not driving it way right.

Q.テつ What is it about this golf course you like?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ North Carolina turf and just the vibe of being in North Carolina.テつ Obviously love the golf course, the layout.テつ Beautiful, big tree, old school.テつ One of the best golf courses we play on Tour.
Challenging green complexes.テつ You get above the hole, it's very fast.テつ Get pin high and got some sweeping putts.テつ If you're putting well, you should do pretty well around here.

Q.テつ Even with the bogey on the first hole, par-5 10th, you still go out with a nice 68.テつ Are you satisfied with how you played today?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Score-wise played really well.テつ Started out haphazardly.テつ Ended funky but through much of the round I played really well.テつ Putted nicely.テつ Hit my iron shots really nicely and drove it okay.
I'm just missing a couple drivers around there.テつ But, yeah, I'm happy to be playing on the weekend.テつ I've been chomping lately.テつ Maybe I'm on my way back up.

Q.テつ Through that you missed the cut the last three starts on the PGA TOUR.テつ What have you found here in Charlotte this week?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ I found it at Players working with my golf coach.テつ We really concentrated on releasing the golf club.テつ People release the body.テつ I need to just throw it, dump it, just cast it.テつ You name it, amateur move.テつ If I do that, I strike it very nice.
So, we worked on that a little bit and my putting has come around and I putted really well last year and made some good money out here on Tour and kind of been putting poorly lately and it's come back.テつ Actually camp back at Players.テつ I felt better with the putter even though I struck it poorly.テつ The putting came back.テつ I'm really excited about the near future.

Q.テつ Let's talk about what was going good out there today, couple of the highlights.
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ You know, obviously I started out with that atrocious bogey but it was kind of a wonderful bogey.テつ I made a long putt for bogey so it could have been very ugly and then I just settled into the round.
I know I'm putting well and I just started hitting a lot of good shots and making a lot of good putts and felt really comfortable out there.テつ It's been a long time since I've played well so -- but I'm not foreign to playing well.
I'm just happy to be -- I got the speed on the greens pretty well and just got to keep doing what I'm doing and I can keep shooting under par, I think.

Q.テつ How about the backside when you started there?テつ After that first hole you had a lot of birdies.
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ I don't remember it.テつ I was kind of blacked out.テつ I was just trying to make birdies.テつ That's what I said, let's play aggressive and aggressively smart.
Out here you need to play to the fat side of the pin or when you get short-sided you're in trouble, and that's what I was kind of doing on my bogies yesterday, kind of hitting it out a little bit, short-sided, and making bogies.テつ Even if you hit it 20, 30 feet you got the touch here, these greens are rolling so smooth you can make putts.テつ Let's just make sure we're playing to the fat side of the pin but five and ten feet right of it, five and ten feet left of it.テつ Whatever is the fat and let's be really aggressive there.テつ I started doing that.
I think Robert Streb shot 7-under yesterday.テつ It's doable out there.テつ The wind stays down, I don't think the greens are getting too, too fast.テつ I think they'll get to 10 for sure.

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