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May 15, 2015

Lexi Thompson


Q.  You must be feeling good after a round like that.
LEXI THOMPSON:¬† Yeah.¬† It went a lot better today; yesterday was just a struggle out there ball striking and putting‑wise.
But I hit my irons a bit closer today and better off the tee.  Just I stroked a few putts, which is big confidence booster for me.

Q.  I know there is a lot left to happen, but you have to like your position right now.
LEXI THOMPSON:  I do.  I don't know where I'm really placed right now, but overall just going into the weekend with the same positive mindset and hope it works out for the best for me.

Q.  How different was the course today to yesterday?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Well, I played in the afternoon yesterday and there was a lot more wind yesterday afternoon.
But it died off today in the morning and there wasn't too much.  Once you get to the few holes on the water there it picks up a bit.
Conditions are great.  Golf course is in perfect shape for us.  We can't ask for much better.

Q.  What was going right for you today?
LEXI THOMPSON:  I would say overall I committed more to my lines out there and was a bit more confident over the ball, especially putting, too.
I think that's what golf is all about:  going into every shot with a positive mindset.

Q.  Talk me through the par save on8.
LEXI THOMPSON:¬† Yeah, I hit hybrid off the tee and had a really long shot in, especially to that back pin.¬† I pulled it in the left bunker.¬† I hit good bunk shot.¬† I knew I was going to have at least a 12‑ or 15‑footer coming back, and I put a good stroke on it and made it.
I was very happy with that par save.

Q.  What were a few of your best shots today?
LEXI THOMPSON:  I would say a few of my best shots were actually two nine irons that I hit on 18 and 16.
I hit 16's to about three, four feet, and same thing on 18, to a few feet.

Q.  You mentioned that didn't know what where you stand.

Q.  Is that typical?  You just go and play?
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, I pretty much do.  I don't really like to watch the leaderboard because I get too focused on that instead of playing my own game.
All I can do is focus on my own shots and game and just focus on doing my routine.  Wherever that puts me, I'll take it.

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