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August 21, 1999

Bohdan Ulihrach


MIKI SINGH: First question for Bohdan.

Q. Did you know he was injured or feeling sick?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: Started to, when he called trainer, he checked his temperature, so I saw that something is wrong with him. In the second set, and when I had breakpoints, I think his first five serving games every game, I had one or two breakpoints.

Q. He seemed to really -- wasn't running around, anything; you weren't able to take advantage of that?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: I was from the beginning of the third set my feeling was not so -- I was tired. I get to sleep a little bit late yesterday.

Q. So you think the breakpoints that you couldn't win were the key factor in the match?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: I think so. If I would break him early in the second set I could win second set. I could win the match.

Q. You converted 3 of 12 only?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: Yeah. It is bad percentage, 25 only.

Q. Have you thought about maybe you should come more to the net?


Q. You have so many chances to come to the net.

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: I am not using these chances, never.

Q. Why?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: Because I am not confident at the net. I have still a lot of work to this game. Sometimes to play serve and volley, I have to work a little.

Q. Do you have a plan to fix the problem?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: I am saying already that I have to work, but I am feeling not comfortable at net so, I am staying back always even when we play indoor.

Q. Did you say you were tired before because it didn't seem like there was a lot of passion or energy on the court really from either player today.

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: From both players, yeah, it was like we were playing without power, without energy. I moved bad from the beginning, not only from a second set, but from the beginning of the match.

Q. You said it was a physical problem mostly. I mean, you didn't have a lot of sleep last night or --

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: I get a little bit late to bed, but, you know, those -- I don't like too much play the night, night session, so I get like 10 or 11 to my room, then makes me some time to get sleep, then wake up breakfast, practice 11.

Q. You said you like to play him yesterday because he plays with a lot of pace and also fast matter of playing. He started to slow things up. Did you notice that and did it bother you?

BOHDAN ULIHRACH: No. He played his game, but he didn't play well, but I didn't use the chances.

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