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May 14, 2015

Ricky Barnes


Q.テつ 5-under 67, 1st Round.テつ Pretty good playing.テつ How did you like your round?
RICKY BARNES:テつ I liked it.テつ Kind of made two sloppily bogies on the front-9 which was the back-9.テつ I played really well.テつ Went to the front-9 and not even sure if I missed a fairway or a green and left myself short tap-ins for pars and a lot of good looks up the hill so I was able to be aggressive with a lot of my putting.

Q.テつ How were the conditions out there this afternoon?
RICKY BARNES:テつ Oh, man, the wind was benign.テつ I think we had a little bit at the start of our round but once we got in the thick of things, probably the last hole, 13 holes I would say at the most it was a half club at any point.

Q.テつ You putted pretty well, missed a few fairways today.テつ How was the rough out there?
RICKY BARNES:テつ Yeah, actually only missed a few fairways early on, like I said.テつ The rough is good.テつ You can get a few jumpers out of there.テつ They're tough to judge.テつ Just long enough where they'll catch a flyer or two and that's why it is imperative, because the greens are still somewhat soft, to keep the ball in the fairway to attack the pins.

Q.テつ On your back-9, talk about your closing 32.
RICKY BARNES:テつ Yeah.テつ Made two sloppy bogies on the back-9 which was my front-9.テつ Then did what you need to do out here.テつ I think I hit every fairway but one on the front-9 and I just really hit it through the fairway on the par 5 5th.
So, good, solid day.テつ Gave myself a lot of good opportunities.テつ On the back-9 I had every putt uphill where I could be aggressive on all 9 holes.テつ That's what you need to do out here.

Q.テつ Talk about the conditions out there, seemed like there were some -- it was a good day for scoring.
RICKY BARNES:テつ It was.テつ It was getable.テつ The last 12, 13 holes we had was pretty benign.テつ Beginning the round might have been a little bit, half club, maybe three-quarters of the club wind and we kept on looking for it for about two, three holes and then we just pretty much started playing almost nothing.

Q.テつ When the conditions kind of changed with the wind dying down, does your philosophy change when you go out there, start getting a little more aggressive?
RICKY BARNES:テつ It's Thursday.テつ It's kind of tough to.テつ The greens are kind of soft.テつ I definitely take a more aggressive line out of the fairways into my approach shots.テつ Off the tee you can't do too much.テつ There's some doglegs and you can't be too aggressive out here just because you do hit a lot of drivers off the tee.

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