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May 14, 2015

Webb Simpson


Q.  Webb, congratulations.  67, 5-under.  You made a 21 footer, 14-footer, 12-footer.  Flat stick was good today.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Flat stick was good today.  I felt like I managed my game well today.  One mistake on 16.  It was after a great drive.  All in all, really happy with today's round and a good start.

Q.  Discuss the course conditions you guys are going to be facing.  The course set-up and the course looks like it's in beautiful condition.
WEBB SIMPSON:  It's beautiful.  The greens are firm and fast.  We had a little wind this morning.  It's going to die later today.  They've done a great job.  There's some accessible pins today.  It's always a challenge no matter where they are today.

Q.  You're a member here.  What's your low number on this course?
WEBB SIMPSON:  62 but that was from like two tees up.  I don't really have a low.  Probably whatever I shot here at the tournament.  I think I shot 7 one time.  That's probably my lowest.

Q.  Off to a good day.  Continued success the rest of the week.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Thank you.

Q.  Very impressive number for the Quail Hollow member here, Webb.  Webb, seemed like you didn't make many mistakes out there, when you did make a mistake you saved you.  How would you access the status?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was a good solid day all around.  I didn't make many mistakes.  The one mistake that cost me was 16.  I was just kind of went through it wrong mentally, hit it in the water.  Other than that the card was clean and played nicely.

Q.  It's been close to six months since you've made the switch to the shorter putter.  Are you totally comfortable with that right now or are you still getting more and more comfortable?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I feel like I'm totally comfortable.  Actually was bringing some Scotty Cameron belly putters back to the truck.  I want to give the heads back.  Feels like a long putter now, my short putter is so short.  I'm learning a lot and trying to get better.

Q.  Finally, since you played the golf course so much is your caddy, Paul Tesori, helping you with strategy?
WEBB SIMPSON:  He's won here.  It's my home course but he's won here.  If I tell him leave me alone he's always bringing that win up with Sean O'Hair.  We have a good mix this week.

Q.  How did the course play?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was pretty tricky, to be honest.  It played long.  You know, the wind was blowing out there earlier and it was cooler.  It's obviously a lot warmer now but I think they'll be some good scores this afternoon.  Wind is supposed to die a little bit.  The ball will go further.  The pins are pretty accessible pins for day one.  I'm happy with what I did.

Q.  Seemed like when you had that one bad --
WEBB SIMPSON:  The one blemish was 16.  I was kind of in between clubs.  I switched and backed off and made a poor swing.  Other than that I managed my game well.
I was finally able to treat it like my home course and try to miss it in the right spots and I did that and was able to get up and down when I hit poor shots.

Q.  Webb, you played this golf course so many times and we're two years now.  Talk about the changes coming down the stretch, especially those last holes?
WEBB SIMPSON:  16, it was a great hole earlier or before.  Now it's a beautiful hole.  What a setting it is.  17, hadn't really changed a ton.  I think they have a few more options on 17 depending on the wind and pin and all that.
18, you know, is 12 to 15 yards longer.  18 was one of our hardest holes before the changes.  Now it's even harder.
I played 3-iron hybrid in today.  I think they're all good changes.  I think -- you know, all changes in my opinion if you have versatility on the tees, you can't really mess it up.  But if you have one isolated tee box and the hole is going to play long every time, that's a problem.  They've done a good job with the tees here.

Q.  With the way the course is playing and some good scores that will still be had in the afternoon, how beneficial is it if you go low here in the 1st round, 4-under, 5-under, how much better position?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Tomorrow morning is going to be a little warmer for them who start this afternoon.  Less wind.  By the time I tee off tomorrow I could be in 22nd place for all I know.  So, yeah, it does help.  It makes me not, I guess, force it or push it as hard tomorrow.  But, again, I got to come out.  It's Day 1. I got to come out tomorrow and try to shot another good round.

Q.  Standard putter out there, how is the continuing transition?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It's good.  You know, I feel like it's normal now.  You guys remind me of it each week it's not normal but it's been good and I feel like kind of every week is a building week for me.  Every week I'm kind of learning more and feel like I'm getting better and that's kind of the goal.

Q.  You had some months before you had to make the change.  Why did you decide to make it so early?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Just to go ahead and do it.  I had a lot of time off last November and December.  I figured I would have some time to work on it.  I didn't want to wait until last minute.

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