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May 14, 2015

Alison Lee


Q.  Impressive first round out here.
ALISON LEE:  Thank you.

Q.  Can you take me through your round?  I noticed kind of started off with a bogey and then was able to bounce back.
ALISON LEE:  Yeah, I started off with that bogey, but told myself ‑‑ I've been hitting the ball pretty well this week, so I told myself to stay in it and not think about it too much.
I was able to grab a couple birdies going down the stretch.  Especially the last four holes; I got three birdies.
Yeah, I've been putting it a lot better.  That's what I've struggling with the past month, like my putting.  But I had a lot of good rolls today and a lot of good putts that I didn't think would go in.
So, yeah, that helped my round.

Q.  It was 26 putts actually for your round.  What have been doing to work on your putting?
ALISON LEE:  I mean, in general, like putting, my short game was my strength.  Being out here on tour as a rookie, I'm just getting used to everything out here and I haven't been practicing my short game as much.
I have been trying to do my best to practice a little more of my short game instead of just hitting range balls and playing every day.
So, yeah.

Q.  This course, I know that a lot of people have said it advantages to the long hitters.  But as well, a lot of people say there are good birdie opportunities as well.  What did you kind of see today that can play to your strengths?
ALISON LEE:  Today I was hitting it pretty well.  I think I only missed one or two fairways.
Yeah, my approach shots.  I was hitting everything pretty close.  I only missed a couple greens, but I was able to get up and down on the greens I missed, except 1 and 10.
Yeah, but overall I didn't make too many mistakes today, so I think that helped a lot.

Q.  Going into the next round, still a lot of golf left to play, but what's the mentality going into tomorrow?
ALISON LEE:  Just play my game and be confident.  Like how I played today, I ut myself in a good position for the rest of the week.
I'm just going to try and play my game and not get too ahead of myself for the week and be confident with my putts.
Thankfully my putting is back, so hopefully I can continue that for this week.

Q.  Being a rookie out here, I know the veterans always talk about Kingsmill being one of their favorite places to stop.  Have you on able to experience the town or...
ALISON LEE:  No, I haven't.  I haven't had time.  I actually went to the outlets Tuesday, but I haven't been to Colonial Williamsburg or Busch Gardens yet.
I'm here with my dad this week, not my mom.  Usually my would be down to do that, but I haven't slid the idea past my dad yet.  But we'll see.

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