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May 14, 2015

Pat Hurst


Q. テつWas there anything in your preparation for this event that clued you in to a 66, or was it a little bit surprising for you to come out here and shoot that well?
PAT HURST:テつ You know, when I'm at home I practice as much as I can.テつ I only play once a week.テつ I come out here and my expectations aren't as high as they probably should be.
But I played last Friday when I played with my guys.テつ It kind of carried over.テつ I've been hitting the ball well, and it's just a matter of not making many mistakes out there.

Q.テつ The course sets up well for longer hitters, but you still have to hill it well.テつ Does your confidence from a round today extend beyond the first shot tomorrow?テつ Can it with you especially?
PAT HURST:テつ Definitely.テつ I mean, if you're hitting it good, yeah, the confidence, hopefully you'll ride the confidence out there.
You got to hit the ball well out here.テつ Like you said, it does favor a longer hitter, but you just got to be on the right‑‑ it's all about the angles out here and being on the right side of the fairway and the way you come into the greens and stuff.
If you're hitting the ball good, it's easier to put them in that spot.

Q.テつ You say 21 years out here; you love it.テつ When you come out and put a round like that together, does that reinforce why you're out here doing this?テつ There were a lot of smiles after the putt on 18.
PAT HURST:テつ Yeah, 21 years you've seen it all, right, from the good to the bad.テつ Hopefully you have more good than bad.
It's fun.テつ No matter where you are or what you're playing in, any time you play well it's a lot of fun and makes you want to keep coming back.

Q.テつ You walked a little bit after the putt on 18.テつ Is that because you knew you made it or because you thought you missed it?
PAT HURST:テつ No, I thought I left it short so I was‑‑ I don't usually talk to my ball, and I talked to my ball and the thing listened and it went in.
One thing I hate is leaving the ball short.テつ I didn't leave it short, but I thought it was.テつ Yes, I was walking after it, not too happy, and then it fell in.

Q.テつ Great round today.テつ I have heard this course is more for a long hitter.テつ You're still currently ranking within in the top 10 this season in distance driving.
PAT HURST:テつ Oh, I am?テつ Well, great.

Q.テつ Yes, you are.テつ What about your game was really working for you today on the course?
PAT HURST:テつ I put the ball in the right spots off the tee, and then between my caddie and I, we picked the right clubs into the greens.テつ Some greens you don't want to be long and some it's okay to be short.テつ Some you don't want to be short you want to be longer.
I think he's been out here a long time also.テつ Probably 20 years‑‑ no, 22 years‑‑ so he knows the golf course just as well as I do.テつ We kind of put our two heads together and it worked.

Q.テつ Coming off Volunteers of America two weeks ago where Juli and Karrie were making a run for it.テつ The kind of storyline was, I mean, you have 17‑year‑old Brooke Henderson up on the leaderboard and you have Juli Inkster as well, tour veteran.テつ Talk about that.テつ Was that motivation for you this week?
PAT HURST:テつ Oh, I don't know.テつ She's always motivates for all of us.テつ If we can just play like her, shoot, she's what, 54?テつ She's 54.テつ If I could play half as good as she plays at 54, I would be happy.

Q.テつ Being a Solheim Cup year, obviously big into the Solheim Cup.テつ This year Juli is captain and you're playing a part as well, talk about the importance as we're getting into the final stretch of deciding the team.
PAT HURST:テつ Oh, we haven't really talked about that.テつ We have been doing stuff with the team, the top 15 girls, but really haven't talk sat down and talked about, you know ‑‑ she hasn't really said what she's going to look for other than the person who is playing the best going into the last couple of weeks.
But we really haven't talked about it.テつ There is still a lot time left, there are three majors left, and a lot of points out there to be made.

Q.テつ Going back to the age of the youth and the veterans playing as well, can you talk about the difference and kind of the rare thing that sport of golf has being able to play 21 years, like yourself?
PAT HURST:テつ Right.テつ You know, that's the beauty of golf.テつ I can be playing when I'm 90.テつ I was out there at Texas at Shady Oaks, and they said it was one of Ben Hogan's friends and he's like 90 and we're watching him coming up on 18.
The beauty of it is everybody can enjoy it.テつ It doesn't matter race, how old, boy or girl, it doesn't matter.テつ You can all enjoy it at the same time.テつ I think that's what's fun about it.

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