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May 13, 2015

Adam Scott


JOHN BUSH:  We'd like to welcome Adam Scott into the Interview Room here at the Wells Fargo Championship.  He's making his 7th start at this event but the first since 2010.  Adam, welcome back to Quail Hollow.  If we can get some comments.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  Obviously excited to be back here this week and playing this golf course.  For whatever reason, it didn't work in the scheduling the last few years but certainly that's no reflection on the quality of this venue and obviously there's a Major championship to be hosted here soon and I haven't played since the changes to the grass so I think it's a good time to come back and refamiliarize with everything here at Quail Hollow.
JOHN BUSH:  State of your game coming into the week after last week's Players Championship.
ADAM SCOTT:  Everything in my game is in good shape, however, I haven't really gotten the results I would like and comes down to just not putting it altogether at the moment.  However, there are signs of everything being in good shape.
So I'm looking obviously to keep playing and get the results here soon.  I think I've experimented a lot this year with equipment, which isn't usually what I do, and now that's kind of settled down the last two weeks.
I'm using the same stuff week after week as far as shafts go and I think the consistency will start to show in my results as I become more accustomed to where I'm at with my new shafts.
JOHN BUSH:  Great.  Questions for Adam.

Q.  Adam, you said you've experimented obviously with the short putter.  I know you said last week you hadn't put much thought into it.
Are you still comfortable with where you're at putting-wise or do you foresee any kind of changes?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, obvious change at the end of the year.  I have to change something.  No, I'm very comfortable with where it's at, a bit -- to get a bit more specific on putting everything together, last week I putted nicely and then putted horribly on Sunday.
It's kind of where things have been.  But looking, keeping the big picture in mind, you know, the equipment change I think was necessary otherwise I wouldn't have done it as far as the shafts through my set and, you know, as things settle down and get into a bit more of a routine I think everything will kind of balance out nicely and hopefully four days will get put together where everything is in place and, you know, they'll be as much focus on practicing every area of the game just like normal, whereas obviously changing iron shafts has been quite a lot of hitting involved in that.  No neglect to other areas but maybe less focus.

Q.  What made the shaft change necessary and how are they different than what you were using?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, the -- I saw some areas certainly in my short irons where there was some inconsistency in flight and kind of eliminated every other variable down there.  There are so many in golf.
Then felt after working hard on my short irons and wedges for a couple years, didn't really see a drastic improvement in that area with a lot of work and that was kind of odd because that didn't fit the pattern with anything else and started looking at the equipment end and the shafts seemed to be it and it was just too weak generally throughout the set but certainly in the shorter irons.
It's the stiffest in my wedges and through short irons and actually the set of clubs I'm using now which is a set of Dynamic Gold AMTs produced with Titleist is quite a progressive set of irons.
The logic behind the ascending mass throughout the set makes a lot of sense and has the right characteristics certainly in the short irons.
So, I've seen good results but also then it takes a couple weeks to really have the consistency and the actual knowledge of how far you're going to hit it.  Ball flight is certainly different.  I caught myself out a couple times on the golf course.

Q.  When you look back over your career and sort of compare when you've gone through change in the game, technically, how does this sort of period you've gone through at the moment compare to frustration on the whole aspect of your game?
ADAM SCOTT:  Frustration gets there because, like I said, I think I'm playing well but, you know, not enough variables have been under control.  There's been too many changes and maybe I could have gone about it better but I've tried to do it the best I can, obviously.
But the game is good.  You know, there's no technical changes.  It's purely just adjusting to a little bit of an equipment change and last week and the week before it's been two consistent weeks of the same stuff.
You got to get a feel for it and the good stuff is where I want it to be but it's not about really hitting it off line or anything like that.  It's more about just understanding my yardages and controlling them.

Q.  If you could, could you take us through your thought process on the putter change and like the timeline of when you wanted to do it and how that may have been altered and why it's been altered, if it has been?
ADAM SCOTT:  I think because I had such a long break there was plenty of time to mess around at home and I didn't give it much thought and I just putted around and came out without much thought and that worked nicely the first week and that could have just been random, and then the next couple of weeks conditions varied and that changed my thought process but also gave me the chance to have a little more knowledge for when I do change next year, something, but to have my best results consistently I need to stick with what I worked on for the last four years and become very good at.
So, that's why I'm putting the same way and didn't stick with putting with a short putter at the moment but I'll have time again at the end of the year to make a change and probably have a little more or a better understanding of exactly what I want to do with it now that I have at least played a couple of events with the shorter putter.

Q.  You mentioned playing a little bit more and getting more comfortable.  Is this sort of event you can see kind of spring-boarding you into the busy summer with the Majors and playoffs and such?
ADAM SCOTT:  Look, I'm absolutely hoping that this week and next week, which I plan to play, is going to set me up for a big summer.  This is what I'm looking for for sure.  I really do feel my game is all there.  It's looking good.
I've got to put it altogether, of course, during the week, but two big weeks would set me up for a great summer.  There's a lot of big golf, exciting stuff to look forward to.
I feel like my game is building momentum now after not having so much for a little while and change a few things.  The ship is steadying for sure so I just have to get some momentum going and get the results and that confidence comes.

Q.  You're talking about a big summer.  You kind of brought up, Chambers Bay, new thing.  Do you have any plans to see the golf course?
ADAM SCOTT:  I plan to be there for a significant period beforehand.  From all reports it looks like something quite unique and even hearing Mike Davis' comments of a person without good knowledge of the course won't have a chance here, you know, just shows me that certainly you're going to have to get a few rounds in and hopefully a few different conditions to be able to play and I'll be out there a lot beforehand.

Q.  Are there any changes in the clubheads, too, or just shafts?
ADAM SCOTT:  No.  It was just really shafts that I changed.

Q.  When did you start that process?
ADAM SCOTT:  At the end -- in February.

Q.  What makes this course challenging but also fun at the same time?  We talked to a lot of golfers.  That's the way they feel about this course.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yes.  It's much like all the great courses of the world, really, where when you play well you get rewarded and if you're not quite on your game it is a real challenge and a struggle to get it around in a good score.
That's the beauty of the best designed golf courses, they reward good shots.  And thinking about the course, even though I haven't played here for a few years, there's a real opportunity, 5 through 15 to have a really great round with par-5s that are reachable, eagles.
You can really have a good score.  I think back to a couple rounds where I've got it going, been 8-under through 11 holes and when in the same breath you can go out and just miss a few shots in the wrong spots and you're struggling to be even par.
That's what all the great courses have.

Q.  We had a popular Masters win from fans and Sunday generated a lot of excitement.  What do you make of this young group and how much they're pushing the established players out here, 20-somethings?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  I think we're just seeing the next cycle of guys coming along at a good time.  There's never a bad time for a group of guys with a lot of talent to come along but I think, like I experienced when I was 20 years old, there was four, five of us who pushed each other along, maybe not to the same level that this group is, maybe, but I think they certainly push each other and that's only healthy for the game.
It has to happen, the next waive of guys has to come along and, you know, I hope they stay hungry for it and push themselves.  Certainly a guy like Jordan, talking about the Masters, to be so young, you know, I've said it before but his window is now and he should push as hard as he can and -- because you don't know how long it can last.
Some people are lucky and have 20 year careers and play good for that long and other people don't.  He could be in the prime of his right now.  Make the most of it.
JOHN BUSH:  All right.  Adam Scott, thank you, sir.

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