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May 10, 2015

James Harden


Clippers テや 128
Rockets - 95

Q.テつ James, looking back now, do you feel like the intentional fouling strategy maybe hurt you guys some?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ He made some free throws.テつ He made, I think, 14 tonight, so credit to him.テつ He locked in and focused on free throws.

Q.テつ Can you break down the second quarter for us?テつ That seems to be where you guys got out of rhythm totally.
JAMES HARDEN:テつ We just didn't make no shots, didn't make shots and continue to be aggressive like we needed to be.
I think, make sure that and them making free throws, us not really getting any stops when we needed to, a combination of those three things that gave them that lead going into halftime.

Q.テつ You guys set a record for the most free throws shot in a playoff game at 93.テつ As a player on the court what's it like to be in there?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ I mean, we've been in situations where guys, ourselves and other teams have shot plenty of free throws.テつ Guys want to do the Hack‑A‑Whoever on our team against us.テつ We've been in those situations before where we've got to stay in rhythm, got to stay focused on getting shots on offense, and when we do get an opportunity to attack, take advantage of it.

Q.テつ (No microphone)?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ It was in the beginning.テつ It was in the beginning, but we've just got to be more locked in, be more focused on getting good shots.

Q.テつ Looked like you played off the ball a little bit more at the start of the game, then you became more ball handling in the second half.テつ Did that mess you up at all tonight?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ No.テつ You know, I've been playing off the ball pretty much my entire life.テつ You know, just try to switch it up a little bit, got to get off the ball.テつ They're a very good defensive team, especially when they know where you are, so I just try to move around a little bit more and play from the sides and attack different spots.

Q.テつ The Clippers are really making an effort to lift their hands up when they're guarding you on your drives.テつ Is that making a difference as far as you being able to draw the fouls?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Do you think so?テつ I've got a couple scratches on my arms to show you.テつ But it is what it is.

Q.テつ So you're just not getting the calls right now?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Like I said, it is what it is.

Q.テつ You talked after Game 3 how this team has fought through adversity throughout the season and now you're in a real tough predicament.
JAMES HARDEN:テつ This is the ultimate adversity right now.テつ We've got Game 5 back at the house and it's really win or go home.テつ Our backs are against the ball, and we've got to show up.

Q.テつ Is it discouraging not just that you're getting beat but getting beat decisively?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Not really.テつ Not really.

Q.テつ How would you assess the defensive and offensive chemistry of you guys?テつ Have they that much disrupted you to where you guys are out of flow?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Yeah, we're not really moving.テつ We're not really moving on the offensive end.テつ We're pretty much stagnant, so it makes it easier for them to kind of load up and play their normal defense.テつ Like I said, they're a really good defensive team and they're not going to change, so we just got to move and cut for each other and create open shots.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on the Hack‑A‑Whomever as a basketball strategy?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ I mean, personally I don't like it, but I guess different coaches have their different philosophies on the game.

Q.テつ How difficult defensively is it to have a first half like that where you're standing around a lot and then come out in the third quarter and try to play and move and do all that kind of stuff?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Yeah, it's a little difficult.テつ That's why at halftime you've got to get a good warm‑up in.テつ They jumped on us right‑‑ I think J.J. Redick had 2‑3s coming out the third quarter which gave them a 13‑point lead and they took advantage of it from there.テつ With this thing we've got to be alert at all times.テつ We've got to know where guys are and know what's going on in the game.

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