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May 9, 2015

Adam Scott


Q. Talk about your round, Adam.
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it was a solid round, but a few too many errors when you're behind and probably going to leave me with a lot of work to do tomorrow. So not exactly what I was hoping for.

Q. You were like 45th and then just 4th a moment ago. So you had to step on the gas and you did do that.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I just got on a little run and I needed to do that, but again, three bogeys out there today, when you're coming from five behind around here and it's bunched, it's too many, too many mistakes. I need a bogey-free round tomorrow, that's for sure.

Q. It's not that easy, even when the weather is great it seems like everybody has their moments on this course.
ADAM SCOTT: If you get off the short grass and into the rough, it's just so unpredictable. Three feet off the green there on the last and I have a lie that I haven't practiced all week, it's just random grass back there, and it's just kind of a bit of pot luck if you pick the right shot.

Q. How do you find the difficulty compared to when you won the tournament? Obviously, a different time of year and all, but is it even more challenging than then?
ADAM SCOTT: It's tough to say. I think in good conditions it's probably tougher in the old way. If it's firm and fast. There's just -- of course there are scary shots, because there's water everywhere, and that's the same, but you just never get shots around the greens or chips that really scare you anymore. I think that certainly this year the greens are not very fast, they're just average, and still no one is shooting a great score. I really just think it's the fact that we're in the rough too much and you lose control of your ball.

Q. I know they all count the same, but which bogey stung the most?
ADAM SCOTT: Probably the one on the last. 30 feet away from the pin and taking three to get down is annoying. But you got to get it on the short grass.

Q. When you look at the leaderboard tonight will you look at how many shots back you are or how many players there are between you and the lead?
ADAM SCOTT: It will depend if someone runs out away with it. But, realistically, I think, if conditions are good tomorrow, I'm going to need to shoot a low one, because it looks like there's going to be a lot of people in front of me and one person in there is going to play really good, I'm sure. We all want to win this tournament a lot and someone will put it all together. So I'm going to have to have that kind of Davis Love round, I expect.

Q. How would you rate your putting this week?
ADAM SCOTT: I putted okay. I made a few the last couple days. Not making everything, but making just enough, maybe.

Q. Can you describe the difficulty, you mentioned a low number, describe the difficulty of shooting a low number here in the last round?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's really doable, you can create a lot of opportunities from the fairway, there are a lot of birdies out there again. I had my share of birdies today. If you take the bogeys away, all of a sudden you're looking at some mid 60 numbers. So that 64 is not outrageous in these kind of conditions. It's just so difficult to not mishit a shot for the whole day out there and keep it fairways and greens all day to where it's under complete control. And that's what -- it's one perfect round, so I don't think it's completely unreasonable.

Q. Did you just mis-club on your second on 18?
ADAM SCOTT: I was in the rough off the tee, so I had to punch it up from under the trees and I hit a really great shot and it ran just a foot into the rough over the back.
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