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May 8, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q. Just thoughts about your round.
JIM FURYK: A couple under, so 70-70 for 4-under. Good start. Got off to a 3-under on the back side. A little disappointed in shooting 1-over on the front, but really didn't play that bad, three-putted 2 for par and hit one bad tee shot at 7 where I had to kind of pitch it back in the fairway and made bogey there. It was a really good, solid day to be honest with you. Hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens. Maybe not always real good short looks for birdie, but really wasn't in trouble today, and felt like I could have made a little better out of it, but it was a good day.

Q. There's like maybe six shots between leading the tournament and missing the cut. That's about as tightly packed --
JIM FURYK: Yeah, you've got a couple guys that played well yesterday morning. They'll have a chance to go out this afternoon and maybe separate, but I know it's supposed to be breezy today. It definitely picked up on our finish and the golf course played a lot tougher.

Q. Because it's windy and soft, there's a lot of birdies but also a lot of trouble.
JIM FURYK: Other than me, three birdies and a bogey both days. It's just that type of golf course. I mean, there's a lot of accidents out there. You can make a lot of bogeys. A double can peek in really quick. But yeah, there's some opportunities. If you get the ball in the fairway you'll have some short irons in your hand. You can attack. The 5s today are very reachable. I think that I went at three of them today, other than No. 9. Yeah, you're going to see -- I can see some guys ripping off a bunch of birdies, but there's a lot of bogeys out there, as well.

Q. Conditions much different than yesterday?
JIM FURYK: You know, I felt it was easier to figure out what direction the wind was coming in today. I felt like it was more constant. Yesterday it would kick up and get blustery at times, but the direction was changing, usually from the north and the east but sometimes it would be favoring north, sometimes the east. Today I felt like it stayed more constant and it was a little more easy to figure out.

Q. Did you feel tired at all after last week coming into here?
JIM FURYK: No (laughter), yes. I think both a little physically and a little mentally. I'd like to tell you I wasn't, but yeah, I'm still feeling a little bit of it. I've been a little tired.

Q. Is this a tournament where you can go out and make something happen, or is it more like a major where you kind of -- you just have to play your game and people will fall away?
JIM FURYK: It's going to depend on the conditions. Last year I started quite a bit back and was able to go out and shoot 65 or 66 on Sunday and definitely make up a bunch of ground and put a bunch of heat on the leaders. But a lot of it depends on the greens. Right now they're receptive, so we have an opportunity to score, and I think in order to make a big splash, you're going to have to fire a pretty good number. If they firm up, all of a sudden 70 is a good score and you can catch a lot of folks. I don't see that happening with the condition they're in. I don't think they can firm them up. But yeah, I could be wrong.

Q. Is it something where a couple good nights' sleep and late tee times on Saturday and Sunday, you'll rest up?
JIM FURYK: Oh, I'm not that bad. I wouldn't have played as well as I did, and I've hit the ball well. If I were worn out, I wouldn't have played that well. I think the question was more do you feel a little tired, and I do, I'm a little bit tired, but not too bad.

Q. How many 5-Hour Energies have you had?
JIM FURYK: A couple early in the week, to get through Tuesday and Wednesday, absolutely.

Q. Missing the cut here, outside of majors, is this an event when you leave here missing the cut, really kind of (inaudible) because of what the event is?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, and it's my home event, so for me to have -- I get a lot of support on the weekend and friends and family following, and I've got to listen to their crap about how I ruined their weekend. No, it's a fun week for me to come out. I missed the cut, I think, in '13 I believe I missed the cut here and played real well in '14. It's a big event, and just being here at home, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You miss a cut any time, but to do it at home really stinks.
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